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April 29, 2020 -- DS18’s new PRO-TWN2 has all the looks of a driver but has been compactly sized to fit into super tweeter dimensions. This new super tweeter’s one-inch voice coil can handle 100w RMS and 200W peak and comes with a neodymium magnet which increases the tweeters efficiency and lowers the weight dramatically.

Each tweeter comes with an included bass blocker for extra protection against frequencies that would otherwise damage the tweeter so you can feel safe your equipment can play loud and long. These tweeters have a very high sensitivity of 107DB, so they do not require full power to get extremely loud. This opens you up to multiple amp choices for your tweeters and gives you the versatility everyone looks for in powering and using your new tweeters.

MSRP – $67.95 each

Super Bullet Tweeter

Voice Coil - 1 inch

RMS watts - 100

Max watts – 200

Sensitivity – 107db

Diaphragm – Composite Polyimide

Resistance – 4 ohms

Magnet – Neodymium

January 19, 2020 -- One of the things DS18 is well known for is their abundance of options for enthusiasts to choose from. WE have a plethora of speakers in every size to provide near unlimited solutions for every possible thought that may come to mind for your install. The next evolution of our super tweeters is the very sleek PRO-TW920 which handles 150w RMS and 300w maximum power. These are the big brother of our very popular TW-820 that people have been asking for!

These super tweeters are larger, louder, and handle more power! These monster tweets safely play anything from 2000hz to 20khz to bring the full high range of concert venue sound to your vehicle of choice. They come in sleek black aluminum with black bullet centers with threaded mounting shafts. The shafts are threaded so you can have a flush tweeter or use the shaft to create a directional sound like a more traditional horn driver. These tweeters come in 4-ohm DCR, have a neodymium magnet, and a sensitivity of 106DB.

This correlates to a very loud tweeter on low power and can handle more power much more efficiently. Be sure to check out the high-end monsters on! MSRP: $61.95 each.

July 18, 2019 -- Nothing is better than being out on the water just hanging out or doing surface water sports and having some loud responsive music to have playing for you and all your friends. The same goes for being out in the woods or dunes in your ATV or UTV, you must have the music right!

DS18 has an amazing water taking, dust blazing outdoor speakers that are right for you and we want you to check them out. The NXL6 and CF65 are speakers completely designed around being able to stand up to the elements. They come with a sturdy plastic cone matched with a rubber surround so there is no warping due to moisture. The speaker leads and connections are all coated in a watertight rubber coat so there is no corrosion to the connections.

We also added brightly colored RGBs so you can match the music to your mood or color combination of your vehicle that are very easy to set up with out LED-BTC RGB controller that is sold separately. These speakers also come with a 25mm silk dome tweeter to cover the full range of sound so you can enjoy music as low as 45HZ and high as 23KHZ, so nothing is left out! These bad boys handle up to 125RMS and 375W Max power and come in 4-ohm models.

These DS18 waterproof (NXL6) speakers come in white, black, and (CF65) carbon fiber so it’s easy to get a great matching look. They start at 126.95 a pair from

February 21, 2020 -- Now introducing, by popular demand, a 12-inch marine subwoofer from DS18! Our NXL10sub has been flying of the shelves but some customers wanted even more cone area and power. We happily obliged and have have brought in the NXL12SUB for all those consumers that want even more cone area for even more bass response.

These pounders handle 350w RMS / 700w max power easily and each sub is single voice coil that is 4 ohms of resistance. They are all IP65 rated so they can withstand a great amount of outside conditions and come with integrated RGB lighting to really set any mood you are in. These subs are perfect for a wide array of applications like in a watercraft, side by side, or even your everyday vehicle. The bass response is very acute and powerful with a frequency range of 25hz-23KHZ, it’s easy to tune for whatever musical needs you demand.

These subs perform excellent in sealed boxes of (1 cf3) and ported boxes of (1.5cf) and come in either white or black. Check them out on! MSRP: $299.95

August 18, 2020 -- In 2019 we released the massive Pancadáo 12-inch midrange woofer (45lbs) with tremendous success. These speakers are made to pick up a full range of frequencies so you can get massive midbass while also slaying the high range. This high wattage mid woofer was received overwhelmingly well by the public and in turn, demanded even more sizes be released.

With such a high demand for high powered midrange woofers like the Pancadáo, we are happy to oblige pro audio enthusiasts with two more additions to the Pancadáo family. Ds18 has now released an 8 inch and 10-inch Pancadáo so now you have even more options when you need high powered, midbass pumping woofers that also slay the highs.

First in the lineup is the Pancadáo Pro-1Kp8.4. This high powered 4-ohm and 8-ohm, sturdy, and extremely loud 8-inch midbass-full range woofer take an astounding 1000w RMS and 2000W peak. The frequency ranges start at 110hz and plays all the way to 15khz. Having a 96db sensitivity helps you get maximum loudness without having to go to the maximum power of the speaker.

Next, we have the Pancadáo PRO-1.5kp10.4 midrange woofer. This 10-inch monster has a sensitivity of 94.4 DB and an RMS rating of 1500w and Max power of 3000w. This massive 10 plays from 80hz to 10khz and has a much wider woofer range and handles more power than 99% of all other 10-inch pro audio mids. With only a 5.23 mounting depth, this high-powered midrange woofer can be mounted almost anywhere. This option also comes in 4 and 8 ohms.

The Pancadáo Series is the go-to solution for enthusiasts looking for midrange woofers that handle tons of power for maximum loudness and clarity. These competition speakers will absolutely blow your mind when you hear them and everyone else in earshot!

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November 25, 2019 -- Team DS18 is taking the journey all the way to Saudi Arabia from Miami to show our booths packed full of DS18 goodies for 2020. RIYADH is the largest show in the world and a whopping 7,400 miles from DS18 HQ in Miami.

Leading the team will be Rob Ferro (Mr. DS18) and Luis Delgado (The Tech) and Yeri Sanz (In House Florida rep) coming forth with extreme knowledge of the industry and products they develop to inform the crowd of their new products.

The RIYADH annual car show in Saudi Arabia is always a huge spectacle every year with thousands of amazing vehicles that have maximum modifications come from all over the world to show off. Audio, Video, Wheel, and Vehicle manufacturers alike all have a large stake in this show that is spread everywhere where there is an enthusiast near. Show travelers that hail from all over the world come to this show to see what the newest and best technologies are coming new for 2020. DS18 will debuting a great number of products especially designed for the audio and vehicle enthusiast that likes it loud! Be sure to come see them!

Please come see us at booth 18029 and see why DS18 LIKES IT LOUD!

December 31, 2019 -- On Friday, January third, 2020, DS18 will be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, led by CEO Sasha Susterman, Event Promoter Rob Ferro, Engineer Diego Navarro, Sales Manager Jonathan Garber, Marine Sales Consultant Luis Delgado, and Alex Cortex our e-commerce specialist. The company will be showing off all the new and forthcoming gear that DS18 will be offering for the year 2020.

DS18’s Zumba Loud will also take center stage and Diego will have his world-famous Red Mus (2015 Mustang) on the show floor room surrounded by loads of very cool DS18 gear that will be sure to have the event talking! CES 2020 will once again an amazing experience for all the DS18 team and everyone who attend this very exciting yearly event. Our strong DS18 Team (that consists of some of our most experienced staff) will be there to help the large crowd with info about all our new tech and upcoming items.

We would like to encourage our dealers and fans to drop by and hang out while we update them on all the awesome things just released and what will be to come throughout the year. The large booth will be a spectacle to behold with Diego Navarro’s Red Mus taking center stage filled with a plethora of all our newest and best-selling products.

DS18 will be showing videos, playing music at the booth, and bringing perspective to all the passersby who want to see why DS18’s motto is "We Like It Loud!" 

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