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February 11, 2021 -- Take complete control of your audio system with DS18's new line of Digital Sound Processors! Now you can control every aspect of your audio system with ease with precise filtering settings. The DSP6iA gives you many highways in which you can fine tune your audio.

This DSP comes with a built in amplifier which yields 70 watts rms per 6 channels @4ohms. Channels 5/6 can be bridged for a subwoofer that will get you 240w rms @4 ohms bridged.

The DSP6iA will be hooked up directly to your PC (not mac compatible) or laptop for a multitude of tuning options that are just a few mouse clicks away. Also included is an easy to use wired controller that acts as an interface for song switching, volume, and your saved presets. This unit has an included BT receiver so you do not even need a head unit. You can stream directly from your phone if you so wish, which makes the versatility of this DSP immeasurable.

The software is downloaded at and does not take a high learning curve to master. Each input can be adjusted and summed. You can save your options and multiple presets for 6 channels, @6db/octave to 48db/octave, and visualization for your actual and simulated EQ curve.

*Blue Tooth streaming so you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for endless music.

*Built-in amplifier that gives 70w rms @4ohms x6 channels. Channels 5/6 can be bridged for a subwoofer and will give 240w @4ohms bridged.

*Easy to use software found at to fine tune and monitor every aspect of your signal processing.

*Wired controller that acts as a gateway to all your presets and also will control your volume, play list, and other functions you would normally need a head unit for.

*Multiple inputs such as 6ch high level, 2ch low level, Auxiliary, Optical, and USB to get you a highway of musical paths.

Miami, Fla. -- December 30, 2019 -- With the ever evolving like of pro audio that DS18 provides, we are happy to present out next evolution of driver, the PRO DS1.35 Titanium Compression Driver! This 1.35-inch driver features a titanium compression diaphragm’s RMS rating states a handling of 200W RMS and 400w MAX power.

These compression horns have a great frequency response of 500hz to 20KHZ, so they can play a much wider range than normal. They come in 8-ohm DCR and with a sensitivity of 103DB, they will not require full power to get loud and sound great! They all come with beautiful push terminals and are surrounded by a very aesthetic red DS18 cover.

These drivers will require a 1” Horn Throat to complete the package that is sold separately. These new DS18 titanium horns are sure to bring brightness to any system needing massive high-end drivers.

MSRP – $144.95

November 18, 2020 -- The MRXI is a marine headunit that can do it all! Compact, powerful, beautiful, and will stand up to the rigorous punishment that all marine and offroad headunit go through. This powerful receiver features all the functions you need like BT, RCA outputs including subwoofer, USB linking and charging with remaining waterproof! This is the key to enjoying loud music with the highest quality for your boat, ATV, or any vehicle that may see the water frequently.

  • The MRX1is DS18's NEW all in one marine headunit that does it all!
  • V4.2 Bluetooth pairing functions so you can play music direct from your phone or any BT source.
  • It comes precise sound settings options that let's you control the bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover with ease.
  • We have Included preset EQ options that give you a better sound for your selected music preference that include FLAT, POP, ROCK, CLASSICAL, and EQ can be turned off all together.
  • There is an easy to read LCD display with RGB keys so you can use the color that's easiest to read, to set your mood of the day, or color scheme!
  • Also provided is CT sync that allows for settings like time be adjusted by over the air radio frequencies.
  • The USB can transfer music along with charging your chosen device at the rate of 2a.
  • The MRX1's sound output can’t be matched because we have made this unit to use 4v pre amp outputs so you can expect the highest quality sound with the voltage to push it.
  • The MRX1 has 3 outputs to accommodate fully applied systems easily with front, rear, and sub high quality outputs.
  • The IP65 waterproof rating will help you stay confident while using the headunit in harsh and wet terrain without failure.
  • This radio has an amazing power output. With a 4 ohm load you will get 4x15 watts rms and 2 ohm load you will get 4x20 watts rms which is enough to push most entry level speakers. (Amps will be required to install tower speakers and subs)
  • Enjoy all your favorite AM/FM stations with our wideband AM/FM receiver that is also selectable under source controls.
The wait is over! DS18 will be introducing their new Full Range Full Bridge amps on October 15th! These powerful yet compact amps use the traditional full bridge design so you can get MASSIVE power is a smaller frame that is not big and bulky like half bridge designs. The GFX amps were designed to make BIG power and with them being full bridge and full range, that makes them accommodate all types of speakers. Subs, mids, and highs can all be configured with just a flip of the filtering switch and setting your frequency selection accordingly.
They have many options to choose from to best fit your desired impedance and rise levels.
GFX-3K1 (249.95) GFX-3K2 (269.95)
GFX-5K1 (379.99) GFX-5K2 (389.99)
GFX-8K1 (499.95) and GFX-8K2 (499.95)
All models come in 1- and 2-ohm final impedance configurations so you can calculate and extract the maximum power this amplifier can give for your specific needs. The GFX line is an amazing very well-rounded line that can be used in a great many applications that demand serious power for serious sound.
Check them out at

June 26, 2019 -- Scrapin The Coast 2019 was a monstrous event in Biloxi, MS where bassers, baggers, and scrapers alike all gathered to show off their complete custom rides in one of the biggest gatherings of vehicles in the south. Over 4000 cars came to compete for trophies and hang out in the cloudless sky from dawn till dusk checking out each ride there.

DS18 fans were a huge part of the turnout and The Wolf Pack was there in full force to compete in the lanes and make loud music for miles with walls full of DS18 pro audio. DS18 tents and flags could be seen in every corner you turned with amazing custom rides. Lift kits, lowering springs, and loud music could be heard from across the Biloxi. Many awards were given out and DS18 was happy to be part of the event and the builds our customers trusted us to be in.

We hope to see all our supporters and family at Scrapin The Coast 2020!

March 11, 2020 -- Now introducing the successor to the DS18 SLC (select) line of amps, the S series Select. These amps come in a both brushed aluminum silver and red to bring out better aesthetic colors and come in a more compact size but have all new beefy internals. We have many models to fit whatever your power requirement needs are. Every amp is available in either brushed silver or red and all come with very secure key terminals to ensure the tightest fitment and security. They will also all have adjustable crossovers so you can adjust the frequency ranges so you can play all ranges of subs, mid range, and highs. We built in a clip indicator so when you are tuning your amp you know the exact threshold of distortion and can maximize your tune for the best sound possible.

S-1500.1- A class A+B amplifier and has an output of 220w@4ohms and 350w@2ohms. MSRP- 149.95

S-1600.2- Full range class A+B S-1600.2 which puts out 90w x2 @4 ohms and 130x2 @ 2ohms. MSRP- 124.95

S-2500.1d- This class D Monoblock is has a rating of 350w @ 4ohms, 600w @ 2ohms, and 900w @ 1 ohm. MSRP-179.95

S-3000.4D- Class D 4 channel amp that puts out 190x4@4ohms, 295x4@2ohms, and 544x2@4 ohms bridged. MSRP- 199.95

S-1800.4- A full range class A+B 4 channel amplifier that puts out 100x4 w @4ohms, 150w x 4@2 ohms, and 280 w X @ 4 ohms bridged. MSRP-179.95

Check them out at today!

Please come see us at booth 18029 and see why DS18 LIKES IT LOUD!

January 9, 2020 -- On Friday, January third, 2020 DS18 traveled to Las Vegas, NV led by CEO Sasha Susterman, Event Promoter Rob Ferro, Engineer Diego Navarro, Sales Manager Jonathan Garber, Marine Sales Consultant Luis Delgado, and Alex Cortex our E-commerce specialist to show off all the new and forthcoming gear that DS18 will be offering for the year 2020.

DS18’s Zumba Loud will also be center stage and Diego will have his world-famous Red Mus (2015 Mustang) on the show floor room surrounded by loads of very cool DS18 gear that will be sure to have the event talking! CES 2020 will once again an amazing experience for all the DS18 team and everyone who attend this very exciting yearly event. Our strong DS18 Team (that consists of some of their most experienced staff) will be there to help the large crowd with info about all their new tech and upcoming items.

They would like to encourage their dealers and fans to drop by and hang out while they update them on all the awesome things just released and what will be to come throughout the year. The large booth will be a spectacle to behold with Diego Navarro’s Red Mus taking center stage filled with a plethora of all our newest and best-selling products. Large 4k TVs will be spanned throughout the booth showing videos, music, and DS18 gatherings to bring perspective to all the passersby that wanted to see why DS18’s motto is We Like It Loud.

June 18, 2019 -- DS18 thundered down the strip in our Six monster-built demo jeeps to take over the New Jersey Beach in 2019. Led by Rob Ferro, the DS18 Jeeps had no match in sound or looks. DS18 screaming Hydro Tower pods, thunderous JBASS sub enclosures, and concert quality J-BAR jeep soundbars could be heard all across the area with crystal clarity.

Over the three-day once in a lifetime show, over 2,500 jeeps paraded down the beach strip. From Texas, to California, to New York the masses came out in support of their favorite jeep and jeep mods, which DS18 dominated. With all this support and our booth packed all three days, DS18 was no doubt the most represented brand and loudest team on the beach!

Before Rob (Mr. DS18) Ferro and his team make their long journey home, they are showing their support to the local dealers in the area by showcasing Rob Ferro’s Big Bad Wolf (Fully Custom DS18 Jeep) to show all current and future DS18 family.

January 19, 2021 -- DS18 has an amazing line of component sets that are sure to leave you with goosebumps when you hear the full and rich sound they produce. The DX3N Gold line has been developed with the greatest care and over engineered to give you the highest quality along with strength that will last ages.

This set comes with the DX3NW which is the 6.5 inch woofer, the DX3NT 1.18" tweeter, 3.5 inch DX3NM midrange, and passive three way crossover. The woofer comes with a sturdy carbon fiber cone and beautiful machined basket with neo motor that will play clear low end music 50hz and up to 12khz with a 4-ohm impedance.

To accompany that, the tweeter will fill the gap with crisp and clear highs so you have a complete range of frequencies and boost overall sound quality, also at 4 ohms. To fill in the midrange, the 3.5" DX3NM will bring out all the vocals with crystal clarity and force.

The final piece of this HQ SQ component set is the included 3 way passive crossover. This crossover accurately separates wattage and frequencies for your component set and will ensure long lasting and great sounding experiences. The TW ATT options give you a selection of 0DB, 2DB, and 4DB loudness options at 12db/oct.

If you are looking for a high sound quality experience, the DS18 DX3N is in your best interests.

Check them out on

New Product DS18 JL Soundbar blasts JL Owners all over the world!

August 16, 2019 -- Miami, Fla. -- New for the final quarter of 2019 DS18 has released another Jeep knockout, the JL/Wrangler Soundbar! By popular JL customers yearned for a soundbar that closely resembles out JK Soundbar in appearance and performance, and we are happy to oblige.

For Jeep JL owners, we have released a beautifully ABS plastic injection molded soundbar for your listening pleasure that rivals our ever popular JK soundbars. This new soundbar is available in three colors (red, white, and black) and easily houses four 8-inch speakers and four large super tweeters. You have the options to either buy the soundbar bare or you can take advantage of our combo pack and get everything in one click of a button. That includes RGBs, The SBAR, x4 eight-inch mids, x4 super tweeters, wiring kit, and amplifier so you have everything for installation right at your fingertips.

The sound bar is made to connect with factory mounting equipment, so the steps to getting everything installed fast is very easy. The combo kit has another feature. The JL soundbar has integrated RGB lights that surround the speakers and tweeters that changes color to your preference if you have our LED-BTC controller. The DS18 RGB app can be found on apple or google play stores and the options of colors are as many as you see in a rainbow!

JL users can finally sigh in relief the DS18 Soundbar has been released so now they can enjoy the same amazing sound JK owners have been blessed with. Check it out on DS18.con for more information. The bare bones model can be bought for $749.95 and the combo pack has an MSRP of $1429.99.

December 16, 2020 -- Do you want more excursion, more thumping power, and to shake everyone's mirrors?

DS18 has the perfect subwoofer to satisfy all your bass head needs in the newly designed for 2021 ZXI12.4D high excursion subwoofer. This monster sub packs a three-inch coil made to withstand high amounts of power with the utmost efficiency while producing thunderous distortion free bass.

This sub has a low FS so it can be used in large boxes with lower than normal tuning. Not only will this subwoofer slay the lows, it is versatile enough to also play higher frequencies in the bass zone of sub frequencies. Most subs that produce this much bass have very deep mounting depths which limit the applications in which they can be used.

The ZXI12.4D has a mounting depth of only 7.5 inches so It can be used in most instances where you need a lot of bass but not you don't have to worry about the setup taking up all the real estate in your vehicle. The ZXI12.4D has been conservatively rated at 1000w rms and 2000w peak power so this makes it the sub that can handle any task put to fruition.

July 28, 2020 -- Now the wait is over! JK jeepers now have the option to get loud on a level never heard before in their Jeeps with our JK door panel pods! This complete set covers all 4 doors, includes high performance midrange speakers and high range tweeters with glowing LEDs on all four. This package includes pods, speakers, tweeters, wiring kit, and our very own LED controller to get you setup with super loud sound and great looks.

Included are four DS18 panels designed for one 6.5 midrange and one tweeter per panel. The speakers we selected for this combo are come of our best sounding waterproof speakers available, the Pro-SM6.2 series which retain all the pro audio characters you would expect but also has a waterproof face so it deflects any moisture that comes in contact with it. To complete the range of frequencies we also added the Pro-TW2L tweeter that also has bright RGB LEDS inside the clear housing so you can change the tweeters colors to any mood in color scheme you can imagine. Each panel also has a DS18 logo that also has RGB LEDS in it and are an amazing aesthetic touch to each piece. The kit also includes the amp to power everything, in this case the Atom 4 and the LED BTC (RGB LED) controller that is the brain for all the lighting in your vehicle. All the RGBS are easily controlled with our downloadable DS18 LED BTC app on apply or google app stores. We include a wiring kit that completes the setup and makes everything easily installable.

Mr. DS18 (Rob Ferro) is ecstatic to be a big part of these JK and JKU pods coming to the market. As our Promotional Manager and Jeep expert, he is fine tuned with everything Jeep and has been asked for this solution to the missing link in Jeep audio for quite some time. These panels can be bought as a combo or bought in pairs empty if you want a different selection of DS18 Speakers.


Front Panels-

Rear Panels-

June 15, 2020 -- New for 2020, DS18 has added to their very popular amp IP67 waterproof rated NXL series amps that go along with our plethora of marine speakers and tower pod systems. Now you can pack even more power per square inch and load even more speakers on your boat without having to step up to multiple amps. This new 4-channel amp can easily power 8 of our NXL6s, NXL8s, you can even power 4 of our mammoth 10-inch towers that require twice the power the smaller ones do! Now, its easy to load up with speakers and have all your power needs answered in your boat or off-road vehicle.

This amp pushes tons of power per square inch! At 4 ohms it will deliver 200x4, and at 2 ohms it will easily produce 300wx4. You also Have the option for a 4-ohm bridged mode which pushes out 500 watts x2 of DS18 power to your speakers for the loudest and clearest sound around! This is a full range amp, so mid-range and high-range speakers are not your limitations! You can also use this amp for subs!

If you are ready for the next evolution of the NXL Amps check them out today at

July 10, 2019 -- You wanted a pro audio 6x9 and we here at DS18 have listened!

We are proud to present the new Pro-X694BM to our line of pro audio! This powerhouse can handle an amazing 275w RMS and 550w peak power so you will get amazing sound and concert level volume. These 6x9s play anywhere from 106hz to 17khz for the perfect full range of sound from one speaker. They were designed to be the loudest they can possibly be in such a small package and have come beautifully designed with our DS18 stamped grill.

Pairing up these new DS18 Pro-X694BMs in your vehicle, bike, or boat is the end solution to having the loudest 6x9s on the block.

Be sure to visit to see all our pro audio and subwoofers to get your perfect match! The Pro-X694BM 6x9 inch pro audio speaker can be found for 62.95 each on

August 7, 2019 -- The DS18 Pancandao is our loudest mid bass monster out on the street! This midbass speaker not only slays the midbass frequencies down to 65hz, it plays fully up to 4.5HKz! That means you don’t miss out of any of that full range of frequencies when trying to find that perfect midbass speaker. The Pancadao requires a monstrous 3000w rms to reach its full potential and tops out at 4500w max power!

The Pancadao is one mean punching speaker that will really let you and your friends feel the midbass in your gut. These cannons have a sensitivity of 100db, so the efficiency is at its highest when absorbing all that wattage to bring you the loudest and clearest sound possible. If you are building a large system that needs tons of mid bass or if you just are building a small chuchero box, keep the DS18 Pancadao in mind. Found on MSRP starting at $339.95.                          

July 13, 2019 -- If you are needing a battery backup charger, look no further!

DS18 has a new compact high-power charger delivering a maximum current of 50A at the output and operates in two modes: 14.4V or Auto ICS. This small compact charger only measures 7.6 by 6.4 by 2 inches so it can fit virtually anywhere. You can use the DS18 PWSI50a to supply power being used or just when you need to maintain your battery when it’s in storage or not being used for a few weeks.

This small charger only consumes 750w total when in full use and puts out 50a at 14.4v so it’s perfect for batteries of different chemistries. It also has three different protections which are overcharge, short on output, and temperature.

The DS18 PWSI50A Charger can be found at for $229.95.

Miami, Fla. -- October 8, 2019 -- To make things easier on our customers ease of install, we here at DS18 have developed a very strong prefab box to fit two of our bestselling speakers that we have to offer! Now you don’t have to worry about building a box by yourself to spec for your new subwoofer purchase because you can buy them together with one easy “click’ of the mouse.

This beautiful ported box is tuned to 35hz and has an internal volume of 3.2 cubic feet. The ½ inch thick treated MDF ensures the box will be tough enough to withstand very strong vibrations along with giving very accurate acoustical resonances for the perfect bass response. Inside the box are two of our best-selling subs, the Z-VX12 subwoofers. These high excursion subs house a 110 oz ferrite magnet per speaker and take up to 725 watts RMS each for 1450w RMS combined power.

With a 2+2 ohm configuration on the 2.5 inch 4 layer voice coil, you will have no problem making power out of your amplifier because in parallel the final load will be 1 ohm resistive and with a sensitivity of 86.8db, you wont miss out on any of the wide range of frequencies this sub and box combo can produce. The only thing you will need is the amplifier to drive them and you are ready to go! Be sure to check these out on

Miami, Fla. -- January 9, 2020 -- This HIGH WATTAGE speaker combo will no doubt blow you away! Our engineers have rigorously tested and included two of our bestselling speakers in one pack for 2020. Extreme testing has proven these two sets of speakers to be both very durable and able to handle high RMS power to give you maximum loudness!

This pack comes with two of our very popular Pro X6.4BM midrange pro audio speakers that include a bullet resonator. These 6.5s come with 1.5” voice coils that handle 250w RMS and have 4-ohm impedance. The 93DB sensitivity ensures the speaker gets loud even on lower power and handles max rms power more efficiently. The super tweeters we included are the Pro TW-220 which handle an impressive 225 watts rms each. They are also 4 ohms, so they are easily paired on all amps and have a very small footprint for such an immensely loud super tweeter.

These have a sensitivity of 106DB and play frequencies from 2000-20000 so be prepared for some of the clearest highs on the market accompanied by precise and clear mid bass provided by the Pro x6.4BMs. All paired on a very strong DS18 4 channel amp or one of our pro audio monoblocks, you will have the loudest setups around! MSRP is 114.95 check them out on!


Miami, Fla. -- September 20, 2019 -- DS18 has another new lifestyle product on the loose: The DS18 BOLD Black or White noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones that also has a built-in mic! Now here and on the street playing all your favorite tunes, bringing smiles everywhere you turn, these comfortable and reliable headphones are made with loud bass, crisp midrange, and hissing highs to you don’t miss out on any note or thump of the beat.

There are flush mounted controls that help you control your streaming source from your fingertips easily, so you don’t have to fumble around with your phone. The talk and listen time are up to five hours with a charging time of two hours so you can enjoy your talk and media time quickly with the fast recharge rate and get back to jamming! A 32-foot Bluetooth range will give you the freedom to listen to your music with a wide range of options. When you are ready to store these beautiful glossy black or white headphones, they easily fold up with the folding 3-way design.

Check out these Bold Bluetooth Lifestyle headphones at for only $34.95.

July 23, 2019 -- DS18 listens to the customers needs, so we have developed a new line of amp that can be used for subwoofers and full range speakers alike! The PRO-Frx amplifiers by DS18 are the solution to using one amp for both kinds of speakers and keep a very compact form. The Pro FRX comes in 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3500 models so you have a variety of power options to drive all your speaker combinations! These amps all come in monoblock configurations and are all 1 ohm stable.

All our PRO-Frx amplifiers come with an optional bass knob, high pass filter, and low pass filter so you can easily set it up for bass, mids, or super tweeters with a few turns of a knob. These small amps are perfect if you need a lot of power in a very small and compact design. Just to put the size to scale, the power pumping PRO-Frx 3500 is only 13.7 inches long and the PRO-Frx 1000 is only 7 inches in length! If you need a small powerful amp for your car, truck, or bike the PRO-Frx line by DS18 is right for you.

They can be found at starting at 179.95 for the PRO-Frx 1000 and going up to 349.95 for the PRO-Frx 3500.

Pro Frx 1000

Pro Frx 2000

Pro Frx 2500

Pro Frx 3500

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