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DS18 Releases New Product, FRX 4K4

November 8, 2019 -- Miami, Fla. -- DS18 has another home run for all the pro audio fans out there wanting big power. We have developed another FRX amplifier that is jammed packed with all our latest technologies and the most versatile FRX amplifier to date. This amp comes in four-channel and each channel is one-ohm stable. On our dyno, we showed 1010x4@1ohm certified (one percent harmonic distortion), 1250x4@1ohm (uncertified to clipping), and 1500x4@1ohm (burst power) that is sure to knock your socks off.

There are two adjustable crossovers on this amp to help you get the perfect settings for your speakers. They are divided into front channels and rear channels. This amplifier is also capable of 2-ohm bridge which will get you 2000-2500w RMS per bridge. These amps are FULL range so that means you can use any speakers you like on this amp! Subs, mids, highs, and tweeters they will all work perfectly on this! There is also a power full cooling system to keep this amplifier cool so it can run efficiently for you all day.

There will be no shortage of power because we have supplied single 1/0 inputs for power and ground. If you are in the market for a powerful amplifier with a very small footprint to run your entire system, look no further the NEW DS18 FRX 4k4!

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