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DS18 presents the Monster of all Marine and Off-Road pods: The NXL10TPNEO

December 9, 2019 -- Miami, Fla. -- Our marine and power sports crowd always demand the loudest bass and clearest sound quality because open cabin environments don’t have the walls that normal enthusiasts take for granted in their audio builds. Without these “walls” the cabin losses dynamic range and tuning drastically. We have solved this with the long-awaited waterproof IP65 rated and massive NXL10TP 10-inch tower pods. These pods come with integrated RGBs and tweeter that are aesthetically tucked away in the grill to bring the full range of frequencies to your surroundings. We have made these powerhouses in 4 different colors to match all your color coordinating needs with Black, White, Red, and Carbon Fiber. The DS18 emblem glows brightly with your choice of color combinations that hooks up easily to our separately sold LED-BTC. The star of the show is the 10-inch waterproof full range speaker that has been meticulously tested and designed to bring you that low bass you’ve never heard before from a tower pod and also play all the midrange and mid bass you could ever ask for. The 6-inch passive resistor helps this monster attain lower levels of bass that usually only subwoofers can produce. These tower pods are a high heavyweight contender that require 300w RMS and can take up to 900w peak wattage with without breaking a sweat. With that much power, you can be heard all the way across the lake or trail with loudly for all to hear. There is even more bass response from these amazing pods because we have included a high flex passive radiator that not only makes bass sound great but is very cool to look at! The 45hz-22khz frequency response will make your ears tingle as most pods do not have this wide a frequency range so you can be sure you are the top of the party with the loudest music! Be sure to check out these speakers soon on!

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