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New! DS18 Pro FRX series Amplifiers

July 23, 2019 -- DS18 listens to the customers needs, so we have developed a new line of amp that can be used for subwoofers and full range speakers alike! The PRO-Frx amplifiers by DS18 are the solution to using one amp for both kinds of speakers and keep a very compact form. The Pro FRX comes in 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3500 models so you have a variety of power options to drive all your speaker combinations! These amps all come in monoblock configurations and are all 1 ohm stable.

All our PRO-Frx amplifiers come with an optional bass knob, high pass filter, and low pass filter so you can easily set it up for bass, mids, or super tweeters with a few turns of a knob. These small amps are perfect if you need a lot of power in a very small and compact design. Just to put the size to scale, the power pumping PRO-Frx 3500 is only 13.7 inches long and the PRO-Frx 1000 is only 7 inches in length! If you need a small powerful amp for your car, truck, or bike the PRO-Frx line by DS18 is right for you.

They can be found at starting at 179.95 for the PRO-Frx 1000 and going up to 349.95 for the PRO-Frx 3500.

Pro Frx 1000

Pro Frx 2000

Pro Frx 2500

Pro Frx 3500

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