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DS18 LTI40AH Lithium 40ah Battery

July 24, 2019 -- The DS18 LTI40AH battery is an amazing investment. Now, with the technology of today you don’t need a lot of excess heavy lead acid or AGM batteries to power all your aftermarket accessories! Lithium technologies has advanced in such a way we can use these powerful small batteries in our vehicle applications daily. From cars, to boats, even ATVs and side by sides can benefit from lithium technology.

Why use lithium? For every ONE of our LTI40AH batteries, you are getting more power than five 100ah lead acid or AGM batteries while saving tons of weight and space! Now with these high-powered, compact, and long living DS18 lithium batteries you can enjoy your music hours with the vehicle off and not have to worry about no start or slow start conditions because of the amazing sheer power each of our batteries has to offer.

The LTI40AH retails for $999.99 and for more info on DS18s LTI40AH visit

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