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Next Evolution From DS18, the PRO-TW920

January 19, 2020 -- One of the things DS18 is well known for is their abundance of options for enthusiasts to choose from. WE have a plethora of speakers in every size to provide near unlimited solutions for every possible thought that may come to mind for your install. The next evolution of our super tweeters is the very sleek PRO-TW920 which handles 150w RMS and 300w maximum power. These are the big brother of our very popular TW-820 that people have been asking for!

These super tweeters are larger, louder, and handle more power! These monster tweets safely play anything from 2000hz to 20khz to bring the full high range of concert venue sound to your vehicle of choice. They come in sleek black aluminum with black bullet centers with threaded mounting shafts. The shafts are threaded so you can have a flush tweeter or use the shaft to create a directional sound like a more traditional horn driver. These tweeters come in 4-ohm DCR, have a neodymium magnet, and a sensitivity of 106DB.

This correlates to a very loud tweeter on low power and can handle more power much more efficiently. Be sure to check out the high-end monsters on! MSRP: $61.95 each.

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