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NAV-TV(R) Announces ZEN-AVB-GM Audiophile-Grade Preamplifier for Cadillac, Chevrolet and GM Vehicles with AVB Infotainment Systems

Coral Springs, Fla. -- October 29, 2019 -- NAV-TV Corp., a leading innovator and manufacturer of OEM integration and safety products for the automotive aftermarket, announces the ZEN-AVB-GM preamplifier. The ZEN-AVB-GM is the newest addition to the competition- proven ZEN Audio family of digital preamplifiers and is the first aftermarket automotive product utilizing AVB.

The ZEN-AVB-GM is compatible with 2017 to 2020 Cadillac, Chevrolet and GM vehicles equipped with AVB infotainment radios IOT (8” with navigation) or IOS (8” without navigation) and Bose®. The preamplifier produces a completely flat audio output without any factory time delay or equalization, eliminating the need for summing devices, an audio correction DSP or the removal of the factory audio compensation microphones. Volume, Fade [1] and Balance are supported through the factory radio and steering wheel controls.

Utilizing a 128 bit per channel floating point DSP and 192 kHz 32 bit TI (Burr-Brown) DAC, the ZEN-AVB-GM produces a 6 channel analog output (Front L/R, Rear L/R, Sub and Center) with a peak voltage of 6.3V and a S/N Ratio of 112dB. All warning chimes and audible turn signal indications are attenuated to factory levels and, along with Onstar®, Navigation prompts and Bluetooth, are passed to the front output channels [2], eliminating the need for an external speaker. The unit provides a 500mA output for controlling aftermarket devices and, additionally, retains the factory three band equalizer (high, mid and bass).

For use with third party digital sound processors [3], the ZEN-AVB-GM includes a variable Toslink (optical) digital output which may be used simultaneously with the analog outputs, or by itself. The variable digital output allows for the system volume to be controlled via the factory radio and steering wheel controls without the need to access any third party controller.

For ease of use, the ZEN-AVB-GM is configurable through dip switch settings. User selectable features of the ZEN-AVB-GM are: 

·        Factory Bass control becomes a Subwoofer Level Controller or Controls Bass for the entire system (Analog output only) – eliminates the need for a sub control knob!
·        Loudness control for extended bass response at low levels or loudness off (Analog output only)
·        Selectable output level: 0dB or -6dB. Digital Output at 24 bit 48 kHz.

In order to make the Zen Audio compatibility process simple for General Motors vehicles, NAV-TV has produced a short video that will help qualify the vehicle infotainment system to ensure compatibility using a QR code reader. Vehicles with infotainment options IOT or IOS and Bose utilize the ZEN-AVB-GM and those with infotainment options IO4, IO5 or IO6 and Bose utilize the M650-GM. The video may be viewed at

Pre-orders of the ZEN-AVB-GM (sku# NTV-KIT955) are being accepted starting October 29th, 2019 and will begin shipping on November 4th, 2019 with a retail price of $599.00 USD.

For more information on the ZEN-AVB-GM, or our existing line of over 950 other integration and safety products, please contact your NAV-TV sales representative at  (866) 477-3336  (USA and Canada toll free) or (561) 955-9770 (International), or email our sales staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NAV-TV Corp is a solely owned and privately held corporation based in Coral Springs, FL, USA. Established in 1999, NAV-TV is a prime manufacturer, distributor and contract manufacturer of OEM and Aftermarket integration and electronic components. Additional information about NAV-TV is available at or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[1] Fade is only supported through the analog outputs. When using the digital outputs, fade will need to be controlled via the third party product.
[2] When utilizing the analog outputs all warning chimes will be designated only to the front output. When utilizing digital outputs all chimes, etc will appear in both the front and rear channels.
[3] Please refer to the operation and installation manual of your 3rd party DSP or device, or contact the manufacturer directly. Although NAV-TV has tested numerous 3rd Party DSP devices for compatibility with the ZEN-AVB-GM, we cannot provide technical support on 3rd party products.

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