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DS18 at Slamology 2019

June 18, 2019 -- DS18 Traveled across the country 1200 miles to the country’s largest basshead event, Slamoloy. The DS18 Team was well represented with a vast amount of vehicles sporting DS18. From large manufacturers to the everyday hobbyist, DS18 tents were widely spread throughout the landscape.

Chris Allen, Leader of Team DS18, was the front runner in the amazing DS18 sponsored Groundpound. Groundpound turns heads wherever it goes with its massive 150 speaker sound system. Six hooligan x15s are powered by Six DS18 SPLX amplifiers at 18 volts tthat bring this beast to a window shattering 166.3 db!

To complement all this bass, we installed stunt walls in the side windows that lift up, rear hatch that props open, and rear facing wall full of DS18 pro audio speakers that can be heard for miles. DS18 was very happy to see all the love and support from the customers we consider family. We can’t wait for Slamology 2020.

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