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DS18 JLOUD that fits Jeep Wrangler, JK, JKU, JL busts out on the Jeep scene!

New product, J-Loud, hits the streets

Miami Gardens, Fla. -- August 1, 2019 -- Have you ever wanted to be a rolling concert or bring the life out in every beach party you show up to? Before DS18, it would cost you many months of saving your paychecks just for the enclosure to be made for such an audio venture. We here at DS18 continue to evolve and innovate our jeep line with the new DS18 J-LOUD. This rear mounted soundbar is facing outward on the rear panels of the Jeep JK, JKU, and JL models so you can have a prefab stunt wall with easy installation.

The beautiful plastic mold injected housing is for four 8-inch speakers, four massive 1 3/8” screw in drivers, and 4 very large 3.72” super tweeters for full concert sound. This combination was tested rigorously to ensure long-term durability and sound quality on the trail, in the elements, or park and pound situations. Since the J-Loud is sold as a single unit, the options of speakers you can use is endless!

Whether you have a mall crawler, off roader, or rock crawler there is a setup for you. Waterproof speakers or very loud pro audio can easily be fit into the easy mount plates. When all your speakers are hooked up, you can also use our LED-BTC to control the DS18 plaque light that is included in the package. With our versatile J-LOUD setup, endless possibilities of amazing audio setups are at your fingertips.

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