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New 2019 Upgraded D/S925 XS Power Battery

Knoxville, Tenn. – June 25, 2019 -- XS Power Batteries, a world leader in performance power solutions announces their new and improved D/S925 12V AGM battery.  

The D/S925 is one of the most popular 12V AGM batteries in the XS Power Batteries line up. The D/S925 is not a BCI direct fit size battery. The D/S925 is used in a wide arrange of applications including racing, audio, cranking, stand alone, power sports, industrial, and more. The D/S925 packs an extreme amount of power in a small lightweight package.

The latest D/S925 received an increase of over 15% in Cranking Power (CA) along with an increase of over 14% in capacity (Amp Hours). The D/S925 has become a very popular lightweight racing battery that can crank virtually anything while weighing in at just over 22lbs. The new XS Power Batteries D/S925 comes in at just under 29 CA per LBS, which makes this the strongest CA per LBS battery in the XS Power Batteries line up.

Brady Basner, Sales Manager of XS Power Batteries noted, “The D/S925 is used in such a wide variety of applications due to his big power and small size. The D/S925 is a 640CA battery and weighs in at just over 22 LBS. Our customers are going to be amazed at the power this light weight battery packs.”

XS Power Batteries is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries, chargers, capacitors, cable and accessories with locations in Knoxville, Tennessee and Sparks, Nevada. They offer AGM lead acid, lithium, and custom-made power solutions, as well as a complementary line of accessories. Please visit their website at or call 1-888-4XSPOWER for more information.

You can find the new XS Power Batteries D/S925 AGM battery at your local dealer today!

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