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DS18 at SEMA 2019

November 8, 2019 -- SEMA 2019 was once again an amazing experience for all the DS18 team and everyone who attended this very exciting yearly event. Sasha Susterman (CEO) was attendance with our strong DS18 Team that consisted of some of our most experienced staff to help the large crowd with info about all our new tech. The large booth was a spectacle to behold with Rob Ferro’s Big Bad Wolf Jeep taking center stage filled with a plethora of all our newest and best-selling products. Large 4k TVs spanned throughout the booth showing videos, music, and DS18 gatherings to bring perspective to all the passers by that wanted to see why DS18’s motto is We Like It Loud!

Many vehicles throughout SEMA in various booths all had DS18 sound to show off and bring even more glamour to their build. Hery’s Intruder Jeep, which has more than 30 large speakers was a sight to see while the crowds gathered outside to hear what exactly this monster can do for a large audience. Diego’s Red Mustang was a sight to see and was one of the most photo friendly tuner cars on the lot with its aggressive stance, DS18 Red paint, and full custom DS18 sound system.

We would like to thank all our dealers and fans for dropping by and hanging out while we updated them on all the awesome things just released and much more to come throughout the year.

Photo by Rob Ubilla: Sasha Susterman (CEO) Rob Ferro (Mr.Ds18) Diego Navarro (Lead Engineer) Hery Santiago (DS18 Representative) Kenny Alcala (Tech and Fabricator) Luis Delgado (The Tech and Internet Specialist)

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