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Waylens Builds Sales Team to Expand

Boston, MA (July 20, 2017) – Waylens, Inc. announced that it has hired long-time sales executive Everett Morss As Director of Major Account Sales. Everett has over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, including Beltronics, Escort and Cobra branded products.

“As we look to expand our North American retail presence, we felt Everett was an excellent fit. His knowledge and relationships in the industry are wide and deep.” said Waylens CEO Haowei Zhang.

Waylens launched its first product, the Horizon automotive camera system, in 2015 on Kickstarter. Since that time it has grown to be a successful camera technology company with offices in Boston, Shanghai, Austin and Cincinnati.

Waylens recently announced its next series of automotive cameras, Waylens Secure360, at CE Week in New York City. The innovative Secure360 4G camera is the first and only automotive security camera with true 360 degree protection. And, the simple-to-use Waylens Secure app work seamlessly together with the Waylens Cloud to provide a complete 360 security solution for your vehicle.

The Secure360 4G camera looks out for you and your car, so you can relax

  • True 360, all-glass, 7-element lens captures with clarity what’s happening in and around your car, giving you complete insight into any event
  • Innovative sensor fusion technology combines 3D radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyro event detection to provide intelligent alerts
  • Automatic uploading of event data to the Waylens Cloud keeps event evidence secure even if the camera is stolen or disabled
  • Advanced power management keeps the camera alert to events when your vehicle is in park, without draining your battery
  • Built-in GPS technology provides location data to help you find your car
  • Voice recognition allows hands-free interaction, so you can keep your eyes on the road
  • High-speed 4G bandwidth delivers real-time live alerts and live streaming information power

The Waylens Secure app puts peace-of-mind in the palm of your hand 

  • Access event data from Waylens Cloud on demand from any location
  • Choose from multiple viewing modes of video evidence to see the full story 
  • Get event notifications instantly, right on your phone
  • Monitor your vehicle in real-time from any location
  • Remind yourself of your car’s location

Waylens also offers a WiFi-only version of the camera for drivers who need 360-degree vision and event-capturing but do not require the live alerts and live streaming available with the 4G.

Both the 4G and WiFi versions of the Secure360 lineup are designed with drivers in mind, featuring an elegant, low-profile design that looks at home in any vehicle. The cameras mount low on the windshield to ensure a panoramic view of the interior and exterior driving environment and provide a clear view of the road ahead.

Pricing and Availability:

The Waylens Secure360 WiFi will begin shipping by the end of November 2017 for $249.95. The Waylens Secure360 4G with live alerts and live-streaming will begin shipping during the first quarter 2018 for $349.95. Preordering for both models will begin later this summer.

“As we roll out the Secure360 line of products, I’m excited to work with Everett again,” said Tim Coomer, Vice President. “Everett and I worked together in the past and believe we can build a powerful retail business for Waylens and its partners,” continued Coomer.

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