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Time-Saving Fitment Gauges Speed Up Subwoofer Enclosure Fabrication          

TEMPE, Ariz., July 20, 2020 — Mobile Solutions announces the release of a new and innovate product for subwoofer enclosure fabrication; the MS Subwoofer Profile Gauges. The super-light, 1/4 inch expanded PVC plastic fitment gauges are silkscreened with the exact dimensional profile of a specific subwoofer, including its specifications such as power handling, multiple diameter measurements and mounting depth details. These innovative fitment gauges were developed in collaboration with Juan “JT” Torres, former ME-Mag Installer of the Year and Owner of HB Automotive Entertainment.

Available currently as a complete five (5) piece JL Audio set with clear acrylic storage tray or individually, these Subwoofer Profile Gauges help technicians and fabricators speed up the process of trial fitting a subwoofer into a custom enclosure where space of depth or placement near ports and bracing are an additional challenge in tight quarters.

“With the popularity of under-seat truck subwoofer enclosures and other small profile or down-facing applications such as consoles and up under the dash, the necessity to check fit and verify clearance is highly important” comments Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt. He notes that using these lightweight profile gauges avoids the need to bring the subwoofer itself out of its packaging, which exposes an open magnet structure to unnecessary microscopic sawdust and/or fiberglass dust, as well as exposing the cone, surround and dust cap areas of the subwoofer to oils and solvents on the hands of the fabricator. “It’s not only lighter and easier for the fabricator to do trial fitting using the profile gauges, but it means preserving the subwoofer’s integrity until it’s time for final fitting well after the dust and dirt of fabrication has been completed” continued Schmitt.

Mobile Solutions believes this approach to using Subwoofer Profile Gauges as the fitment guide can only help to mitigate premature product failures as a result of subwoofers themselves being over-handled in the enclosure fabrication and vehicle build stages. Plus, subwoofers are heavy and awkward to trial fit in tight spaces or downward-facing applications. Another advantage is that, should subwoofers be backordered and not in stock, a retailer can move ahead with a custom enclosure build with confidence knowing the subwoofer(s) will fit once received and ready to install.

The five (5) piece JL Audio set of Subwoofer Profile Gauges (SI-JLPRO-PKG) includes fitment for:

  • 13TW5v2
  • 12TW3 and 10TW3
  • 12W3v3 and 10W3v3
  • Also includes Clear Acrylic Storage Tray

Mobile Solutions is offering the JL Audio Subwoofer Profile Gauges, as the set or individually, for a limited time through July 31, 2020 at special launch pricing:

Part Number                                                Launch Pricing                               Standard Pricing (Starts Aug 1)

SI-JLPRO-13TW5                                          $24.99                                             $34.99

SI-JLPRO-12TW3                                          $24.99                                             $34.99

SI-JLPRO-10TW3                                          $24.99                                             $34.99

SI-JLPRO-12W3                                            $24.99                                             $34.99

SI-JLPRO-10W3                                            $24.99                                             $34.99

SI-JLPRO-PKG (includes tray)                     $119.99                                           $149.99 Normal

Mobile Solutions plans to produce Subwoofer Profile Gauges for Rockford Fosgate, Kicker and other brands in the near future.

Although it was not part of the initial design criteria, Schmitt and Torres both noted that using these gauges to verify fit and keeping the subwoofers packaged until they are to be finally installed increases the safety of the technician and customer from COVID-19 concerns of surface germ transfer. “Cleaning subwoofer cones, surrounds and exposed parts with harsh chemicals to disinfect is harmful to the delicate subwoofer materials. With our Subwoofer Profile Gauges it makes contact with the product much less and safer for everyone in the end” adds Schmitt. The Subwoofer Profile Gauges themselves are easily cleaned and disinfected with an alcohol-based cleaner or simply using soap and water. Neither cleaning process harms the silkscreen nor plastic material on the profile gauges.

To maximize the efficiency of these JL Audio Subwoofer Profile Gauges and the construction of custom subwoofer enclosures, Mobile Solutions also offers durable shatter-resistant plastic specialty-shaped templates that speed the process of creating mounting, countersinking and a pressed grille cutouts for the shallow-mount JL Audio 10TW3, 12TW3 & 13TW5 subwoofer frames with the difficult to replicate mounting flange offsets. Other completely round-frame subwoofers can simply use the Mobile Solutions Circle Smart Templates as a guide for mounting and countersink cutouts.

For more information about the Subwoofer Profile Gauges or to place orders on any Mobile Solutions products, check out, or call 480-968-2074.

Mobile Solutions USA is an innovation-driven company creating tools and delivering training that enable custom automotive electronics, audio and interior installations progress with a level of efficiency not otherwise efficiently achieved in the aftermarket automotive business. With the patented Smart Gauges™ brand of design tools and many other process-driven innovations, Mobile Solutions USA serves the aftermarket automotive technician, fabricator and retail store community through direct sales and distributors around the globe.

For more information, please visit

11-29-2017, Mobile Electronics -- In response to its popularity earlier this year, Mobile Solutions and Orca Design and Manufacturing teamed up again September 9 through 11 to host a live build workshop for 25 installation techs from around the country. The training was sold out and featured 2017 Installer of the Year Chris Pate, past IOTYs Tom Miller and JT Torres, Top 12 Installer Sage Weir and Bryan Schmitt, owner of Mobile Solutions. The vehicle used was a 2017 Volvo V90 XC Cross Country, owned by Mobile Electronics Editor-in-Chief, Solomon Daniels.

"We basically had three different components to the class, which was blended in with our Master Tech class. We talk about OEM integration, signal and how to add audio to modern vehicles," Schmitt said. "We did a classroom theory, how to use test tools like the oscilloscope and RTA, then talked about it in a real world fashion. I thought it was great for guys to see live demonstrations on a real build while they were there. Trying to stick with the three-day time period was a challenge. We did a great job managing it."

The participants were thrown into the mix with no preparation after an initial sketch of the design was created by Tom Miller. Each person found something of interest to them and began working on that element. "The most difficult part was building something that someone else drew," Weir added. "It was my first time out there at Mobile Solutions. I didn't have any assigned tasks per se. I just started running wires into the doors, then showed interest in the sub enclosure."

When I fabricate and build stuff I basically freestyle. I've never really built anything from paper to reality. It was a rewarding challenge in the end."

All products used were provided by Focal and included Focal Kevlar K2 tweeter speakers, 6-inch mid bass and 3-inch mid range speakers in the doors, two amplifiers and a controller for the console. "The whole project was a real world install. It's something that we would actually do for one of our customers in any of our shops," Miller said. "The process that we used is called 'Design, Engineer, Fabricate.' It's a three step process. The idea there is that by breaking down the project to three separate steps it allows us to get a better result."

Miller, who served as design director for the project, likes to use the design language of the vehicle he's working on to give him ideas. In the case of Volvo, he is already familiar with the designer and previous work, which is Scandinavian in style and includes straight lines, with a clean, uncluttered look. "In this project, the areas where we had an influence were with the tweeters and subwoofer enclosure. With those, I'm trying to reflect the existing design language without doing anything too contrived where I'm just pulling a shape off of the car that's already there and just trying to emulate that," Miller added.

While it was a team effort, each portion of the build was managed by a different person. While Weir handled the sub enclosure, Miller worked on the A-pillars, Pate handled the wiring and amp mounting and Torres handled the controller. 

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Special two-hour session to recount best work and techniques on class vehicle projects.

CAMARILLO, CALIF., July 30, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) –Orca Design and Manufacturing will host an all-invited gathering in conjunction with fabrication training company and product supplier Mobile Solutions, just prior to the opening of the upcoming KnowledgeFest tradeshow and education conference, August 17-19 in Dallas. The Focal & Mosconi Master Tech Training workshop will take place August 16 at the Dallas Convention Center in room C141, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The goal of the workshop is to share innovative design ideas and fabrication techniques performed by guest instructors at previous Orca / Mobile Solutions Master Tech training classes.

Over the past two years, Orca has sponsored four Master Tech training sessions, paying for installers at qualifying Focal, Mosconi and Illusion Audio retailers to attend the exclusive classes at Mobile Solutions. In addition to lead instructor and Mobile Solutions founder Bryan Schmitt, an award-winning group of guest instructors have been on hand to teach the latest techniques. The highlight of each class is a live installation by the instructor group on a project vehicle, performed over the three-day period using products from Orca’s represented brands.

The KnowledgeFest workshop panel will include Schmitt and Nalaka Adikari, sales director for Orca, along with current Installer of the Year Chris Pate. It will also feature former Installers of the Year Matt Schaeffer, Juan (JT) Torres and Tom Miller, along with current Top 12 Installer Sage Weir. The group will highlight different aspects of past projects to discuss the tools used, design philosophies, processes, problems and solutions that resulted in the finished work.

Attendees will also gain tips on system design, construction and fabrication—including creating two- and three-dimensional drawings—and get instruction on how to better manage and price custom labor.

“Despite the name of the workshop, it’s really going to be a casual affair,” Adikari said. “We want it to be a bunch of guys sitting around talking shop and looking at installs with our panel and enjoying some pizza in the process. We hope that the tools and techniques they’ll experience from the projects our collaboration has produced will inspire them to want to be better at their profession. We want to give them some great ideas to put into practice when they get back to their shops.”

KnowledgeFest attendees can reserve a seat in the workshop at Attendees can visit Orca on the KnowledgeFest show floor in booth No. 120, and reserve seats in its Focal, Mosconi and Illusion Audio workshops at

Based in Southern California for more than 30 years, Orca is a multi-faceted supplier of premium audio brands and components. Orca is the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Focal mobile audio and Gladen-Mosconi. With in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Orca also produces quality products including Blackhole damping materials, Raven pure ribbon tweeters for pro audio applications, and Illusion Audio reference car speakers and subwoofers. For more information, visit our website at

Latest collaboration with Mobile Solutions to target advanced-level fabricators and technicians

CAMARILLO, CALIF., September 10, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) –Orca Design and Manufacturing, in conjunction with installation training facility Mobile Solutions, will sponsor an advanced-level training in its final session of 2018, October 5-9. "Orca Elite" will welcome a select group of technicians from qualifying authorized Orca retailers who have attended at least one of the previous sessions. The purpose of Orca Elite is to provide an enhanced level of fabrication training intended for highly experienced fabricators.

Orca has held four sponsored sessions to date, all at the Mobile Solutions headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. Orca pays for class admission and accommodations for the duration, and supplies equipment and components used in the class vehicle project builds. Attendees leave with a completed class project showcasing their skill, as well as knowledge that leads to higher quality work and more efficient job performance.

In addition to Mobile Solutions President and Lead Fabricator Bryan Schmitt, class instructors for the Orca Elite session include four Installers of the Year: Tom Miller, Chris Pate, Matt Schaffer and Juan Torres. Joining them will be current and multi-time Top 12 Installer Sage Weir. Among other activities, the instructors will split attendees into two teams. Each will build a premium subwoofer enclosure to complement the tower speakers that were built during last year’s competition. The projects, as well as past project vehicles, will be shown at the upcoming KnowledgeFest show and education conference in Long Beach, Calif., February 23-25 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

"When we started the partnership with Mobile Solutions, our goal was to raise the skill level of our dealers so they could represent and install our products with confidence and creativity," said Nalaka Adikari, sales director for Orca. "So far we've had four sessions and we have already seen vast improvements in the work and self-esteem of the attendees, so we consider this collaboration a successful investment. In this final session of the year we will cater to those who have achieved a higher level of expertise and go beyond everything we've taught before."

Invitees will be notified individually. For more information, contact your authorized Orca sales representative.

Based in Southern California for more than 30 years, Orca is a multi-faceted supplier of premium audio brands and components. Orca is the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Focal mobile audio and Gladen-Mosconi. With in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Orca also produces quality products including Blackhole damping materials, Raven pure ribbon tweeters for pro audio applications, and Illusion Audio reference car speakers and subwoofers. For more information, visit our website at

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