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Google Also Working With Smartphone Makers to Bring Wireless Capability to 8.0 Devices

LONG BEACH, CALIF., May 17, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE)– In our press release dated May 9, 2018, we indicated that future smartphones would require Android 9.0 OS to be compatible with KENWOOD multimedia receivers that feature Wireless Android Auto™. Google has informed us that, in addition to 9.0 devices, the company is working with several smartphone manufacturers to bring wireless compatibility to devices with Android 8.0 OS. According to Google, this compatibility will be available on select non-Google smartphones soon.

You can read our original press release here.

All KENWOOD multimedia receivers that support wireless Android Auto offer full compatibility and smartphone charging through a wired connection. For detailed information on the specific features of each receiver, please view their product pages at

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

Thirty-Year Profitability Expert to Lead Company's Sales Efforts as VP Sales and Marketing

LONG BEACH, CALIF., September 4, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE)—KENWOOD USA today announced that Mike Roberts, longtime industry executive and former KENWOOD vice president of sales, will return to the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He originally joined KENWOOD in 1990, starting a tenure that lasted 13 years. In this new position, Roberts will assume leadership of KENWOOD’s sales and marketing group.

Roberts re-joins KENWOOD following a high-profile career in which he helped medium to large companies break through sales barriers to achieve higher sales performance and profitability. His experience includes leading the sales efforts of Mitek Corporation, SiriusXM Radio and Delphi as VP of Sales and Marketing before starting his own sales consultation company in 2016.

"I'm excited to rejoin this amazing team and help to deliver comprehensive go-to-market strategies that reinforce KENWOOD as the market leader while bringing new fans to the brand,” said Roberts. “I’ve been fortunate to work for world-class organizations in many different industries, but I am thrilled to return to KENWOOD. The company has undoubtedly been the highlight of my sales career in terms of great people, outstanding product and a brand legacy that has entertained people for many years.”

In addition to directly supporting the company's sales representatives, Roberts will be responsible for developing programs and promotions that empower KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers to grow sales and gain competitive market share.

"We are thrilled to welcome Mike back to the KENWOOD family," said Dave Hoag, executive vice president of KENWOOD's Car Electronics division. "His vast experience and recent accomplishments will bring a fresh entrepreneurial energy to our team. We hope to utilize Mike’s strategic leadership and ‘big idea’ thinking to elevate our game to new heights; all of this to deliver the product, profit, protection and stability our retail partners expect."

Roberts can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

6-3-20-16 -- Kenwood USA, manufacturer of advanced-technology driver entertainment systems, is now shipping its 2016 line of multimedia receivers. The receivers, which debuted at this year's CES, include both the Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon lineups, which feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

The collection includes 15 new double-DIN multimedia receivers—12 of which supplant the previous year’s models—across the KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon lines. Key improvements address consumers’ desire to seamlessly and safely access smartphone-centric apps through an intuitive interface, as well as performance enhancements to support onboard navigation and source selection.

The 2016 multimedia platform received a processor upgrade resulting in improved stability and faster startup. The additional power also supports a completely new graphic user interface that delivers album art, navigation instructions and source selection in vibrant color and clarity. To personalize the interface, users can add shortcuts to their most-used sources on the home screen, select from a variety of backgrounds and switch between information sources by swiping across the display. For models with built-in Guidance by Garmin®, navigation maps and icons are more informative, and routing and recalculating are faster, thanks to new solid-state memory and a doubling of data transfer speeds.

The number of models embedded with Apple CarPlay™ has increased from four to eight, encompassing the four new topline models across KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon. When a compatible iPhone® is connected to the receiver via USB, the Apple CarPlay interface lets the user access select entertainment and information smartphone apps on the receiver’s display, as well as use Siri® to make selections, provide navigation directions and deliver search results by voice.

As well, the number of units equipped with Android Auto™ has doubled to four models in 2016. Created to extend the Android experience into the vehicle environment, Android Auto provides useful information at the right time, in addition to turn-by-turn navigation, music selection and more. A combination of voice and simplified touch menus lets the driver access Android Auto’s features with minimal distraction. Phones connected through the USB port now benefit from new rapid-charging technology that delivers up to 1.5 amps.

Sound quality was enhanced in the 2016 line. Available on select KENWOOD eXcelon receivers, High-Resolution Audio Playback decodes up to 192KHz, 24-bit FLAC- or WAV-embedded files from media connected through the USB port, which now supports more types of storage media. For all 2016 receivers, a built-in 13-band equalizer enables precise audio adjustments. To further tailor audio to the vehicle environment, the user can access new features to adjust digital time alignment, sound stage height, ambiance and volume based on ambient road noise, powering the built-in amplifier or external amplifiers through three sets of RCA outputs.

Previously featured only on key models, all 2016 receivers now support the ability to have two phones actively connected via Bluetooth at the same time, letting the driver and passenger select which phone will be broadcast through the audio system. All models also receive the latest Hands-Free profile, supporting high-quality calls at twice the bandwidth of the previous profile.

In addition to audio and the user interface, all 2016 multimedia units can now better interface with the larger vehicle world. Each supports connection of two cameras (front and rear view) to help avoid obstacles while parking and maneuvering. Most new units also support connection with iDataLink® Maestro, an add-on vehicle gateway device that enables the receiver to read vehicle information, control specific factory features and connect to factory installed entertainment and safety peripherals.

For more details, please visit the KENWOOD website at

iDatalink Maestro RR2 interface enables touch-screen control of alerts, location marking and more.

LONG BEACH, CALIF., August 7, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE)– KENWOOD USA announced that ESCORT’s two installed radar detection platforms—ESCORT iX Ci and ESCORT MAX Ci—can now work with the latest KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon digital multimedia receivers. The integration, which is achieved via connection to the new iDatalink Maestro RR2 interface by Automotive Data Solutions (ADS), enables drivers to get alerts and adjust settings of the detection system. The Maestro RR2 will ship at the end of August and will be available through authorized KENWOOD retailers.

With the new integration, drivers see ESCORT radar detector information on the KENWOOD multimedia screen, including vehicle speed and the current location’s speed limit. Alerts play through the vehicle’s front speaker, announcing the specific radar or laser band, current vehicle speed and direction (if rear radar is installed).  The driver can use the touch screen to turn off the laser shifter (if equipped) and mark red-light cameras, speed traps and police locations.

Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, the ESCORT iX Ci and ESCORT MAX Ci feature intelligent and advanced detection range, respectively, and provide front radar protection against all radar speed monitoring devices. Both platforms include the ability to add on rear radar as well as up to four laser shifters to accommodate any radar and laser detection application.

The new iDatalink Maestro RR2 covers more applications than its predecessor with the enhanced ability to connect to multi-network systems in newer vehicles. An additional serial port and audio input enable connectivity with the ESCORT radar detector platforms. The system also features wireless configuration via an upcoming smartphone app that will make installation and programming easier.

“We are very pleased that, through continuing innovation between technology partners, we can create practical, driver-beneficial synergies between our products,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD. “These days, driving safety is the most important topic on consumers’ minds when it comes to vehicles. If we can deliver a simpler, yet still powerful user experience through our integration, it’s a definite win for drivers.”

The KENWOOD /ADS / ESCORT integration will be on display at the trade-only KnowledgeFest exhibit and education conference, August 17-19 at the Dallas Convention Center. ESCORT and KENWOOD will feature working demonstrations in their respective booths and educate retailers and technicians on the features and user benefits in their exclusive training workshops. Attendees can reserve seats in the workshops at

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at,

KENWOOD USA announced it is set to ship two new smartphone-compatible multimedia receivers this month. The Excelon DDX6902S (MSRP $850.00) and DDX6702S (MSRP $800.00) expand the family of units equipped with Apple® CarPlay®, the Apple-produced in-vehicle interface for iPhone®. 
While the pair’s predecessors—the Excelon DDX9902S and DDX9702S—are equipped with both Android™ Auto (a smartphone interface made by Google to work with late-model Android-powered smartphones) and Apple CarPlay, the two new units focus solely on the iPhone. Siri®, Apple’s voice-activated and voice-responsive intelligent assistant, is the user’s primary interface to select entertainment options, open apps, reply to text messages and get turn-by-turn directions.
“We are committed to enhancing the connected lifestyle,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. “iPhone users have deeply integrated relationships with their devices, and extending the safe function of those devices in the vehicle is vital. Adding the Excelon DDX6902S and DDX6702S to our current flagship units lets us deliver that fun and functionality to more consumers at lower price points.”
Each multimedia receiver features a high-sensitivity, 6.2-inch screen bordered on the left by a physical knob and menu buttons. In addition to controlling the multimedia unit, the screen connects to an optional back-up camera to automatically show the view behind the vehicle while in reverse gear.
Onboard entertainment options include a full suite of content including digital channels via HD Radio®, CD and DVD, and terrestrial AM and FM. Both units are also SiriusXM-Ready™ and can connect to the optional SXV300 tuner (sold separately) to access hundreds of audio channels (subscription required). With a connected smartphone, the entertainment options increase with built-in control of Pandora® Internet Radio and iHeartRadio®.
Built-in amplifiers enable each unit to power directly connected speakers, making them ideal drop-in replacements for factory radios. For custom applications, the Excelon DDX6902S includes three 5-volt pre-amp outputs and a 7-band equalizer. The Kenwood DDX6702S includes three 4-volt pre-amp outputs and a 5-band EQ. For more details please visit the Kenwood website at

Kenwood USA has announced its newest top-end multimedia receiver, the eXcelon DNX893S, in its booth at International CES, January 6-9.

The double-DIN, touch friendly unit is the company’s most complete entertainment and information center to date, receiving a completely new processing infrastructure, enhanced smartphone integration, improved safety features and support for high-resolution audio.

“We’ve redesigned this unit inside and out,” said Rick Noetzli, KENWOOD product manager. “It now features a Linux-based operating system and dual-core processor for improved stability and speed. The extra processing power supports the most extensive selection of inputs, applications and features we’ve ever put together.”

The DNX benefits from the company’s expansion of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ into more of its 2016 multimedia receivers. Like the DDX9902S introduced in 2015, the DNX893S features both platforms, allowing users to connect either an iPhone® or Android™-based smartphone to safely access and control navigation, streaming content, messaging and music using an intuitive voice interface. Two USB ports with built-in support for rapid-charging technology let the user connect and charge a smartphone and use the other port for flash media.

When not using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, built-in apps on the DNX893S let the user select and control smartphone apps over Bluetooth on the receiver’s display, including Spotify® and Pandora® Internet Radio. Another integration feature is MHL support over HDMI, which displays the screen of a compatible Android-based smartphone on the receiver and lets the user control apps from the larger, safer display. The DNX893S is also SiriusXM-Ready™ and connects to the latest SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately, subscription required).

The multimedia receiver’s user interface has been totally redesigned to provide an informative, logical array of information that minimizes distraction. Behind the brilliant 7-inch glass capacitive touch screen, large icons are amply spaced along the bottom of the display to enable a driver focusing on the road to easily find the desired function or entertainment source. The screen also displays vibrant album art next to a customizable widget area that lets the user store frequently used applications and select each with a swipe across the screen. For more tactile functions, the single row of buttons provides quick access to audio adjustments, source selection and menu options.

The safety elements of the DNX893S have been expanded to help the driver maneuver and find destinations more intuitively. In addition to the available rear camera view, a front-view camera can be added to get in and out of tight spaces or avoid parking blocks and other obstacles. A user-selectable overlay of park lines helps judge the distance between the vehicle and an another object. The DNX893S also includes onboard navigation from Garmin that provides turn-by-turn spoken directions, lane assistance a one-button selection of personalized destinations. On-screen traffic information provided by INRIX (free for two years) helps the driver plan routes more effectively by avoiding areas with heavy traffic congestion.

Last year, KENWOOD introduced higher-quality call audio via Bluetooth thanks to an enhanced Hands-Free profile. Bluetooth is improved again this year with the ability to have two phones actively paired at the same time. This driver and passenger use the receiver to select which phone call or phone-based entertainment media will be broadcast through the audio system, eliminating distractions associated with adjusting Bluetooth functions on each phone.

High-resolution audio media is supported on the DNX893S, with the ability to decode 192KHz, 24-bit FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) or WAV-embedded media from any source. The built-in, 13-band equalizer provides infinite adjustment for audio powering the built-in amplifier or sent through the three sets of 5-volt RCA outputs to outboard amplifiers. The DNX893S will be on display during the upcoming International CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9 at Booth #1702 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more details please visit the KENWOOD website at

Distribution experts to offer KENWOOD brand to its retail network

LONG BEACH, CALIF., June 11, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA announced it has entered into a fulfillment agreement with Audio America, a 25-year distributor of consumer electronics brands. Under the agreement, Audio America will provide KENWOOD-branded products to its qualified retail network. The new partnership affords KENWOOD a vastly expanded footprint and an accomplished fulfillment center with strong, established channels to its local mobile electronics community.

Audio America was established in 1993 and has grown to be one of the mobile electronics industry's most proactive distribution companies. The company actively engages with hundreds of retail storefronts and is trusted by over 100 brands and channel partners.

"The quality of a company is evidenced by the longevity and loyalty of its customers, and Audio America has maintained strong relationships with its vendor and retail partners for years," said Mike Roberts, vice president of sales and marketing for KENWOOD. "We feel we've selected the right company to strengthen the KENWOOD brand and bring smart, proactive retailers on board."

Audio America will market the 2019 KENWOOD multimedia receiver line to its retail network, featuring the DNR876S, DDX8706S and DMX9706 with wireless Apple® CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ on board—as well as the double-DIN, shallow-mount DMX7706S. The distributor will also carry the full line of KENWOOD products for marine and motorsports applications, including the short-chassis KMR-M325BT. And retailers gain access to KENWOOD University, an online hub that provides training, informative videos, marketing materials and tech tips to help develop a complete knowledge base around the KENWOOD line.

"Our goal is to grow the business of our retail partners by supplying quality products and backing them with exceptional service," said Jonathan Elster, CEO of Audio America. "KENWOOD has demonstrated a consistently high level of quality along with practices that retain the brand's value with consumers. We are excited to add KENWOOD and provide our retailers with a premium full-line brand."

KENWOOD will showcase its 2019 product line at the upcoming KnowledgeFest trade show and education conference in Dallas, August 9-11. Visit for information on the conference, and for more information on KENWOOD products.

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

LONG BEACH, CALIF., December 1, 2016 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD announced it has shipped the eXcelon DDX394-SAT, a multimedia receiver suited for double-DIN applications. The 'SAT' in the model number denotes the inclusion of a SiriusXM® SXV300 satellite radio tuner and antenna. This bundle is only available to authorized KENWOOD retailers in the contiguous 48 states.

The eXcelon DDX394-SAT (MSRP $520) provides end users with a customizable 6.2-inch resistive panel touch interface, enabling access to multiple entertainment sources with a single press. As a standalone multimedia center, the head unit provides broadcast radio, SiriusXM satellite radio (subscription required) and CD or DVD playback. Bluetooth®, in addition to onboard controls for iHeartRadio, Pandora® Radio and Spotify®, expand the selection to feature stored and streaming content from a wirelessly connected, compatible iPhone® or Android™-powered smartphone.

"The DDX394-SAT defines the meaning of 'bang for your buck’ and provides a solid value-add proposition to fight category killing price erosion," said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for the KENWOOD brand. "It gives drivers a full suite of entertainment options, both built in and through their smartphones. Plus, it saves them the trouble and expense of purchasing a tuner to hear their favorite SiriusXM programming."

Customers purchasing the DDX394-SAT can contact SiriusXM to take advantage of the “Never Miss a Beat” offer, which gives them the first three months of SiriusXM’s “All Access” subscription. (For offer details visit The “All Access” package is SiriusXM’s most extensive offering and includes a wide variety of commercial-free music, plus live sports, world class talk programming, comedy and more. All-Access subscribers also get access to SiriusXM programming outside the vehicle on the SiriusXM app and online at SiriusXM features on the DDX394-SAT include: Pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of content while listening to satellite radio; start songs from the beginning when tuned to any favorite music channel using TuneStart™; and scan and select songs on favorite music channels with TuneScan™.

Safety and integration figure well into the feature list of the DDX394-SAT. It includes inputs for rear and front / side camera views and shows a helpful distance overlay when the vehicle is backing up. The Bluetooth functionality supports hands free calls and phonebook access, and up to two phones can be actively connected simultaneously. Connected smartphones charge through the USB port, and phones that include Android Rapid Charge are supported.

A powerful internal amplifier (50 watts x 4 max) and three sets of 5-volt pre-outs allow the DX394-SAT to fit many system configurations. Audio is enhanced with a 13-band equalizer, time alignment controls and high-pass / low-pass filters.

The DDX394-SAT is further expandable to monitor vehicle information though the iDataLink Maestro interface (sold separately), or allow backseat passengers to control the content with the KENWOOD Remote App, available through the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit

Drive Recorder touts advanced safety combined with high-resolution recording and playback

LONG BEACH, CALIF. – June 13, 2016 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA is introducing its first advanced safety product for the North American aftermarket. Expected to ship this month with an MSRP of $250, the Drive Recorder (DRV-410) is a window-mounted, front-facing camera with recording capabilities and enhanced driver assistance features.

The Drive Recorder features a front-view, wide-angle camera that is designed to excel in nighttime and low-light situations. Its Super HD 2304x1296-pixel capability and High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing result in video that shows details of an incident with pinpoint clarity. A built-in shock sensor allows the Drive Recorder to instantly begin storing video and audio from an impact or collision while the vehicle is parked, and incident locations are geotagged with onboard GPS.

The Drive Recorder can be set to continuously record video to a removable SD card. (An 8GB card is included, and it can accommodate up to a 32GB SD card.) Video can be viewed on the internal screen, or by downloading KENWOOD’s PC application and transferring the SD card to a computer. The unit turns on and off with vehicle ignition and can also record when the vehicle is parked thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.
In its driver assistance package, the Drive Recorder includes lane departure warning, emitting a series of audible tones when the driver strays outside of road lane markers. Collision avoidance monitors the distance and speed of the car or object in front of the vehicle and sounds an alert if an impact is imminent. The sensor system also includes a distraction deterrent, which alerts the driver when stopped traffic ahead of the vehicle has started moving. Each of the driver assistance features can be selectively turned on or off to fit driver preference.

“Turn on the TV at any point in the day, and nearly every new car commercial is talking about the safety and driver assistance features of its new vehicle,” said Rob Sutton, director of sales. “We felt it was the right time to introduce our camera to the U.S. market. It’s been a proven winner in Japan for a number of years, so our dealers can be assured that it’s road-proven and reliable.”

The Drive Recorder should be hardwired into the vehicle ignition system as it comes with permanent mounting hardware. Professional installation is recommended. A cigarette lighter cord is also included. For more information, visit


Partnership will expand sales footprint and support KENWOOD retailers in distribution channel

LONG BEACH, CALIF., September 11, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA announced it has joined the Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA). Formed in 2015, the EDA is a member-owned LLC focused on bringing more order and predictability to the business of two-step distribution in the mobile electronics and related product categories. The new relationship combines the brand strength of KENWOOD with a nationwide team of premium distributors committed to delivering value, consistency and legitimacy to its vendor partners and retail customers.

“Our driving focus has always been, and remains, a direct relationship with our retail partners, particularly the independent mobile specialist,” said KENWOOD Executive Vice President Dave Hoag. “To that end we have recently engaged in a restructuring of our distributor network to better service the market while avoiding brand-erosion pitfalls associated with over-utilization. The EDA philosophy parallels very closely with our brand direction, and we look forward to a healthy and responsible partnership.”

The Elite Distributor Alliance brings KENWOOD increased focus within the country's most legitimate distributors, as well as stronger ties to 12-volt specialty retailers who buy primarily through distribution. Its membership consists of 11 premium mobile electronics distributors throughout the U.S. that support thousands of car audio retail locations.

“We are very proud to partner with KENWOOD and applaud their commitment to organization and predictability,” said EDA President Josh Eatherly. “Our 11 distribution members have worked tirelessly planning for this business opportunity. They are prepared to be an extension of the KENWOOD brand as we deliver these great products to retailers who embrace technology, installation excellence and quality customer service.”

Visit the EDA’s website at For more information, contact Tony Mercado at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hawaii independent sales representative worked with KENWOOD since 2014

LONG BEACH, CALIF., August 1, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA was greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Robert Matsumura, an independent sales representative in Hawaii and valued member of the KENWOOD family. Matsumura passed away on July 11 of a sudden heart attack at the age of 55. He is survived by his wife Coleen Matsumura, their children Carley and Cody Matsumura, and his sister Cheryl Bailey.

Robert and his wife Coleen started Paradise Marketing in Waipahu, Hawaii in 2002 to service mobile electronics retailers throughout the state. The small firm joined the KENWOOD family in 2014.

“Words cannot express our sadness at the news of his sudden passing,” said Dave Hoag, executive vice president of the KENWOOD Car Electronics sector. “Beyond representing our brand and products in his home state of Hawaii, Robert was a close friend to many of us, an excellent husband and father to his family and a caring member of his community. Our deepest condolences go out to his family.”

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

Full-line manufacturer to benefit from highly respected sales teams in central U.S.

LONG BEACH, CALIF., May 3, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA announced two new partnerships with professional sales representative firms in the mobile electronics industry: Momentum Marketing, based in Prosper, Texas; and DNR Sales, headquartered in Bloomfield, Minn. The highly-experienced sales organizations specialize in 12-volt auto, marine and power sports products, and will cater to KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers in eight states covering the central U.S. The partnerships enable KENWOOD to provide a higher level of service to its retailers to support product education and sell-through.

"We are pleased to welcome DNR Sales and Momentum Marketing to the KENWOOD family," said Greg Davis, senior sales manager for KENWOOD’s central region. "Both organizations feature strong, dedicated professionals with years of mobile electronics product and installation experience. Best of all, both are well respected in their territories and throughout the industry. We look forward to a highly beneficial relationship focused on the independent specialist."

DNR sales has represented brands for more than 30 years and will service retailers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Run by partners Dan Fashing and Jeff Causton, the firm offers traditional mobile electronics product categories and also specializes in automotive aftermarket components. Momentum Marketing focuses on consumer electronics with home audio as well as mobile audio brands in its offerings. Principals Hector Mena and Matt Kahle and their sales managers will see KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. 

The firms will hit the ground promoting KENWOOD's new safety combo of the DMX7704S multimedia receiver and DRV-N520 driver assistance system. Set to ship in May, the duo provides front camera view, lane departure warning, front collision warning and incident recording using a touch-controlled interface, on top of a host of entertainment features. In addition, Team Sales will work to educate dealers on the new XR600-6DSP multichannel amplifier, which combines with the iDatalink Maestro AR to replace the factory amplifier in select OEM integration applications.

Visit DNR Sales at, and Momentum Marketing at For more information, contact Greg Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kenwood USA, manufacturer of premier entertainment and information solutions for the automotive aftermarket, announced that Rob Sutton has been named Director of Sales for the Car Electronics division, a promotion from Western Region Manager. The appointment strengthens Kenwood's national sales leadership with more than 25 years of industry experience.
Sutton will be responsible for developing and implementing retail-beneficial sales programs, as well as managing the company's network of regional managers and independent sales representative firms. He will also provide strategic input on initiatives to drive the brand's product development and marketing strategy.
Sutton's career path spans more than two decades, starting in retail and working with several prominent manufacturers before joining JVCKenwood (then Kenwood) in 2007. His experience includes retail, wholesale and international sales, retail buying, merchandising product management and sales management. In the past eight years, he has managed Kenwood's highest-volume region while establishing strong relationships with many retail professionals.
"Rob has done a masterful job working as Western Region Manager for the last eight years and is well suited to take on this new role," said Dave Hoag, executive vice president, car electronics. "In today’s hyper competitive market, strategic planning, execution and relationship building are fundamental requirements of success. The Kenwood team has always excelled in these areas and, without a doubt, Rob will take it to the next level."
Sutton can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on Kenwood products and events, please visit

KENWOOD recognized the top performers of its independent sales representative group with the brand's annual Excellence in Sales and Rep of the Year awards. The premier producer of connected multimedia receivers presented the awards in January during International CES in Las Vegas.

"CES is the culmination of a year of hard work for all of our staff, including our independent rep firms," said Robert Sutton, director of sales, KENWOOD Consumer Electronics Sector. "It seems only fitting, as we are showing the results of advanced engineering and customer feedback in our 2016 product line, that we recognize the essential members of our team that drive our continued growth."

Excellence in Sales, Eastern Region, was awarded to Trent Partners and Associates. This was the third such award to the rep firm and the fourth overall.

"We resigned (another major brand) to become the KENWOOD rep in 2003, and it was the best move I ever made," said Stephen Trentacoste, president and founder. "I would like to thank our regional manager, Ed Meenan, and of course the rest of the sales management team."

Excellence in Sales, Midwestern Region went to Pinnacle Sales of Howell, Mich., while the Western Region honor was accepted by Oliver Marketing in Auburn, Wash.

For individual sales representative recognition, Sales Rep of the Year, Eastern Region was awarded to Bill Freeman, territory manager at M.A.G. Sales in Sunrise, Fla. Mike Barrett of Comprehensive Brands in Wheaton, Ill., took home the award for the Midwestern Region. And Jeremy Foss, whose territory covers Arizona as well as California’s Riverside and San Diego counties for Cal-West Marketing, received the Sales Rep of the Year honor for the Western Region.

"It's a sense of pride and accomplishment," added Trentacoste on receiving his company’s award. "Every rep at KENWOOD is probably the top rep firm in the territory, so that means you're always up against the best. When you win an award among your peers, you've really accomplished something and it's great to be acknowledged."

Wi-Fi–capable multimedia receivers bring more informative, visual experience to traditional radio.

LONG BEACH, CALIF., April 16, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA announced it is shipping its 2018 flagship multimedia receivers introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference Series DNX995S (MSRP $1500.00) and DDX9905S (MSRP $1100.00) feature high-end build materials and specialized tuning. Also shipping are the mechless KENWOOD eXcelon DMX905S (MSRP $850.00), as well as the KENWOOD DNX875S (MSRP $1400.00) and DDX9705S (MSRP $950.00).

The five receivers share an enhanced entertainment and information offering highlighted by Google Assistant™, wireless Android Auto™ and access to an array of popular smartphone apps via the WebLink portal. WebLink is a technology developed by Abalta Technologies that enables the safe use of popular smartphone apps through the receiver's touch screen controls when the phone is connected to the receiver. Currently available apps include YouTube™, Waze™ navigation, enhanced weather and Yelp™.

Also offered through WebLink is NextRadio, a popular smartphone app that lets users enjoy their favorite broadcast radio stations with enhanced visual and informational content. With the NextRadio app on a connected smartphone, users can touch the radio screen to easily browse in-area radio stations and see station logos as well as what's playing through the app's Live Guide™ feature. Individual station displays show album art as well as artist and song information. NextRadio works with AM, FM and HD Radio® stations.

In addition to these entertainment features, each receiver supports SiriusXM® Satellite Radio though the separately sold SXV300 tuner, as well as wired Apple CarPlay™.

“This model year has been one of our most dynamic in terms of the entertainment features we've included in our new multimedia receivers," said Dave Hoag, executive vice president, car electronics for JVCKENWOOD. "We've been able to maximize the relationship between our radios and consumers' smartphones to let users experience even more of their favorite apps through the safety of our larger displays and enjoy their content with immersive, high-fidelity audio. We are pleased to make these receivers available to consumers through our authorized retailers."

All five multimedia receivers are available at authorized KENWOOD retailers. For detailed information on the specific features of each receiver, please view their product pages at

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

New role leverages trainer’s capabilities to provide more learning resources for stores and installers.

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIF., July 24, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE)– KENWOOD USA announced it has promoted Seth Halstead to the position of national training and content development manager. Halstead was given the new position after more than three years serving as eastern regional training manager for the brand. The promotion allows KENWOOD to develop a more efficient training and resources program for retailers.

Though his former position focused on a select geographical area, Halstead was proactive in developing training content and materials to benefit KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers throughout North America. In addition to traveling frequently for on-site training at stores and shows, he has been pivotal in the formation and management of KENWOOD University (, a website that supports KENWOOD retailers with product information, training resources and customer-centric marketing and educational materials. Halstead also develops product videos for the KENWOOD USA channel on YouTube, of which his videos have generated over half a million views.

“Seth has been an invaluable resource to both our retailers and our reps in the field,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD. “He has a natural inclination to help others while at the same time seeing the most efficient ways to do it. We are adjusting how we train and keep retailers by using more online resources, and Seth has been a key catalyst of making that happen.”

In his new role, Halstead will supplement in-person training by managing and providing content for the company’s online training resources, including KENWOOD University and pages on YouTube and Facebook. He will also assess training needs with input from retailers and work with internal teams to develop content and resources to meet those needs.

“My goal is to make it simple to connect to and learn from KENWOOD,” Halstead said. “That used to mean unending travel and lots of paper materials. Today it includes providing a combination of scheduled live presentations, on-demand content that can be accessed anytime, proactive notifications and easy-to-find updates. We can meet retailers’ and installers’ busy schedules by giving them access to what they need, how and when they need it.”

Halstead will head KENWOOD’s training efforts in the KENWOOD product training workshop during KnowledgeFest, August 17-19 at the Dallas Convention Center. The workshop, which focuses on KENWOOD’s Hi-Res speaker and amplifier line as well as selling strategies for new-generation products, will take place in room C146 on Saturday and room C144 on Sunday. To reserve a seat in the workshop or learn more about KnowledgeFest, go to

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

Kenwood, K40 and iDatalink Maestro have partnered to announce the world’s first integration of a head unit and stealth installed radar detector.

The revolutionary new K40 radar detector will communicate with the Maestro RR integration module. When connected to a compatible Kenwood radio, the user will be able to see on screen radar alerts complete with signal strength, radar band and speed of the vehicle at time of detection. Setup and installation will be greatly simplified using on screen menus and the speaker of the audio system for the radar alerts. 

As a final touch, the driver will be able to silence alerts using steering wheel buttons and see real time status in the new Kenwood “widget” view. Shipping is scheduled to occur sometime in the second half of 2016.  

Five of the newly-shipping models feature wireless Apple® CarPlay™

LONG BEACH, CALIF., May 14, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD USA announced it is set to ship seven of its highly anticipated new multimedia receivers, all equipped with a 6.95-inch touch panel, introduced during the 2019 CES. All models feature wired compatibility with iPhone® and Android-powered smartphones through onboard Android Auto™ and Apple® CarPlay™, and five of the seven add wireless compatibility for both smartphone platforms. The announcement signals a conclusion to the product delay caused by the well-documented industrywide shortage of seven-inch panels, and enables KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers to stock up in time for summer selling season.

“We are extremely pleased to ship these multimedia receivers ahead of schedule,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD USA. “These seven models represent the entire gamut of consumer choice, from low-profile mech-less to full-featured onboard navigation. We are eager to get them on the shelves of our retailers so they can meet the heavy summer autosound demand.”

All seven models share a common feature set: screen viewing angle adjustment, onboard control of Spotify and Pandora® Radio apps on a connected smartphone, simultaneous connectivity of up to two smartphones via Bluetooth, audio processing features and compatibility with Maestro, the iDatalink interface module from Automotive Data Solutions (ADS). The multimedia receivers are also SiriusXM® Ready, bringing more than 200 channels of news, sports, talk and more to drivers with the connected SiriusXM tuner (sold separately; subscription required.)

Two models—the KENWOOD DMX7706S (MSRP$ 599.95) and eXcelon DMX706S ($649.95) are non-CD designs that feature the new, shorter chassis to fit a larger number of traditional and off-road vehicle applications. Both models connect to other devices with wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, two camera inputs, 4.0-volt preamp outputs for connections to amplifiers, and a fast-charging USB port. The DMX706S adds an internal three-way crossover, gold-plated pre-outs and tuned audiophile-grade components.

The other three new models in the KENWOOD line add functionality with wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, connectivity and control over the KENWOOD DashCam, 3 camera inputs, the ability to “mirror” the screen of an Android-powered smartphone on the receiver’s screen, customizable screen widgets, and a second USB port. Each model fits driver tastes with its own unique feature: The DDX8706S ($899.95) includes a CD / DVD player and the DMX9706 ($799.95) adds HD Radio® and bolsters amplification with gold-plated 5.0-volt pre-outs. The DNR876S ($1399.95) also includes HD Radio and directs the driver with onboard Garmin® navigation.

The two full-size KENWOOD eXcelon multimedia receivers have enhanced screen quality with a capacitive touch panel, as well as providing all the features from the other models, excluding navigation. The eXcelon DMX906S ($849.95) sports a mechless design while its counterpart, the eXcelon DDX8906S ($949.95), includes CD and DVD playback. KENWOOD USA reps will provide exact dates as the models ship. All will be on display at the upcoming KnowledgeFest trade show and education conference, August 9-11 at the Dallas Convention Center. For more information on select models and features, visit

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at, and

LONG BEACH, CALIF. – May 9, 2016 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kenwood USA announced the kickoff of the eXcelon X Rewards promotion for 2016. The program, which runs from May 1 to July 30 and is open to eligible KENWOOD eXcelon specialty retail outlets, incentivizes sales staff to sell select KENWOOD products to earn points toward electronic gear and prizes.

A total of 40 SKUs qualify for the eXcelon X Rewards program, consisting of head units, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers. All new-for-2016 CD and multimedia receivers are part of the promotion, including the Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™-equipped DNX893S and DDX9903S, and the smartphone friendly, single-DIN KDC-X998.

The company will also work with SiriusXM, combining the "2 Ways to Save" promotion with eXcelon X Rewards. Staff members receive additional points when selling a SiriusXM SXV200 or SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner with one of 14 qualifying eXcelon SiriusXM-Ready head units. In addition, consumers will receive a tuner rebate and a three-month subscription to SiriusXM’s “All Access Package.”

The SiriusXM “All Access” package gives listeners access to SiriusXM in the vehicle, including Howard Stern, every NFL, MLB®, and NBA game, every NASCAR® race, plus NHL® games and PGA TOUR® coverage, as well as access outside the vehicle to listen to SiriusXM on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at

The eXcelon X Rewards are part of KENWOOD's ongoing efforts to provide specialist retailers with topline products that maintain profitable margins through highly selective distribution.

"We want our retailers to know that our dedication to specialist retailers has never been stronger," said Rob Sutton, director of sales for KENWOOD. "The X Rewards program, as well as our sales incentive trips, recognize retailers and their staff members who value the relationship as much as we do."

Qualifying retailers can register for eXcelon X Rewards, log points and redeem prizes at

Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its subsidiaries.

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD is introducing its second dash camera at the 2017 CES. Joining the standalone, monitor-equipped DRV-410 is the DRV-N520, a smaller version that is intended to pair with the company’s new mech-less DMX7704S multimedia receiver.

“The DRV-410 surpassed our expectations in terms of its acceptance in the marketplace,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. “Despite the plethora of inexpensive models on the market, many customers preferred the superior image quality and reliable operation of our unit. We’re very happy to pair these same features with an even better user experience in the DRV-N520.”

The DRV-N520 features a high-resolution, wide-angle camera that records a three-megapixel (photo quality) image. Its small footprint minimizes window blockage, and recordings are stored on a removable eight-gigabyte SD card. In addition to its recording capabilities, the camera also measures distance and velocity between it and cars or obstacles in its view. Based on circumstances, it can trigger a collision warning to the driver if it senses an imminent impact, or notify the driver in stopped traffic if the vehicle in front of it has started moving.

As the DRV-N520 is not a standalone dash camera, its control, notifications and camera view are processed on the connected DMX7704S receiver. By using the in-dash touch screen, users can change recording modes, turn collision warning and delay departure notifications on or off, and set the camera display duration. Notifications are displayed on the screen as well.

Like the DRV-410, the DRV-N520 includes an internal G sensor to detect impact, and can be set to begin recording if the vehicle is struck while parked or otherwise unoccupied. All recordings can be played back through the DMX7704S touch screen.

The suggested retail price of the DRV-N520, like the DRV-410, is $200. For more information, visit

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