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Mobile Solutions DUST SHIELD™ Router Table Accessory

Finally Control Dust Coming Off of Router Bits When Fabricating 

TEMPE, Ariz. -- August 24, 2020 — Mobile Solutions announces the release of the Dust Shield™; a patent-pending router table accessory intended to re-direct dust particles ejected out of the router bit back into the vacuum area, thereby minimizing airborne dust. Made from high-impact plastic, the Dust Shield reduces airborne dust up to 40%. This provides a significant benefit to keeping vehicles and neighboring tools or machinery cleaner during times of fabrication. It also keeps the router table surface safer when moving material through the router bit. Less airborne dust is always better.

The Dust Shield is attached with five (5) N52 1/2” neodymium magnets in the base and mates to any Jessem ‘Rout-R-Lift’ series router lift with a phenolic top plate. Included in the package are two (2) additional N52 neodymium magnets intended to be the receiver magnets inserted into the router lift’s top plate. “This method of attachment allows easy placement of the dust shield in multiple orientations relative to the work piece” remarks Mobile Solutions President, Bryan Schmitt. Since there is a single magnet attachment point, the Dust Shield can remain in that orientation, but easily pivot out of the way should the work piece touch the shield. “The magnetic attachment and ability to pivot means the fabricator never has to remove their hands from the work piece, which benefits safety as well as the obvious advantage of reducing airborne dust” continued Schmitt.

The Dust Shield is an ideal router table accessory for any fabricator using the Jessem ‘Rout-R-Lift’ router lift systems and Schmitt said about 80% of the Jessem router lifts Mobile Solutions sells work with it. “While some fabricators have a dedicated wood shop to minimize dust in the vehicle work area that would benefit, the Dust Shield is especially helpful for smaller shops fabricating in the same space as the vehicle work takes place” added Schmitt. Any Jessem ‘Rout-R-Lift’ application with a dust collection system, whether in a dedicated router table or bench-mounted into a table saw outfeed table, will benefit from and work with the Dust Shield.

Dust Shield Features:

  • Up to 40 percent greater dust particle reduction by vacuum suction back into the bit area
  • Directional positioning – maximize the dust suction based on the size of the work piece
  • Fits any Jessem ’Rout-R-Lift™’ or ‘Rout-R-Lift II™’ router lift system
  • Integrated mounting with five (5) 1/2 inch N52 neodymium magnets
  • Includes two (2) additional N52 neodymium magnet inserts for the router lift surface
  • Works with any dust collection system connected to a table or bench-mounted router

Advantages of using Dust Shield:

  • Cleaner and safer work surface on the router table
  • Less airborne dust to worry about getting on cars and tools
  • Great solution for open area work spaces, especially routers mounted on an open bench and not in a dedicated wood/fab room
  • No stationary mounting means the magnets allow the Dust Shield to move or slide if the work piece makes contact

The Dust Shield router table accessory is in stock at Mobile Solutions and shipping now. Special launch pricing of $49.99 is offered for a limited time by using the coupon code “Dustshield” upon checkout at

For more details about the Dust Shield router table accessory, including a video of it in action, visit the dedicated web page at Mobile Solutions’ website. If you have questions or need more information on any Mobile Solutions products, visit, or call 480-968-2074.

Mobile Solutions USA is an innovation-driven company creating tools and delivering training that enable custom automotive electronics, audio and interior installations progress with a level of efficiency not otherwise efficiently achieved in the aftermarket automotive business. With the patented Smart Templates™ brand of design tools and many other process-driven innovations, Mobile Solutions USA serves the aftermarket automotive technician, fabricator and retail store community through direct sales and distributors around the globe.

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