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Overwhelming requests have led to the release of the NEW DS18 Pancadáos have been released!

August 18, 2020 -- In 2019 we released the massive Pancadáo 12-inch midrange woofer (45lbs) with tremendous success. These speakers are made to pick up a full range of frequencies so you can get massive midbass while also slaying the high range. This high wattage mid woofer was received overwhelmingly well by the public and in turn, demanded even more sizes be released.

With such a high demand for high powered midrange woofers like the Pancadáo, we are happy to oblige pro audio enthusiasts with two more additions to the Pancadáo family. Ds18 has now released an 8 inch and 10-inch Pancadáo so now you have even more options when you need high powered, midbass pumping woofers that also slay the highs.

First in the lineup is the Pancadáo Pro-1Kp8.4. This high powered 4-ohm and 8-ohm, sturdy, and extremely loud 8-inch midbass-full range woofer take an astounding 1000w RMS and 2000W peak. The frequency ranges start at 110hz and plays all the way to 15khz. Having a 96db sensitivity helps you get maximum loudness without having to go to the maximum power of the speaker.

Next, we have the Pancadáo PRO-1.5kp10.4 midrange woofer. This 10-inch monster has a sensitivity of 94.4 DB and an RMS rating of 1500w and Max power of 3000w. This massive 10 plays from 80hz to 10khz and has a much wider woofer range and handles more power than 99% of all other 10-inch pro audio mids. With only a 5.23 mounting depth, this high-powered midrange woofer can be mounted almost anywhere. This option also comes in 4 and 8 ohms.

The Pancadáo Series is the go-to solution for enthusiasts looking for midrange woofers that handle tons of power for maximum loudness and clarity. These competition speakers will absolutely blow your mind when you hear them and everyone else in earshot!

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