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Mobile Solutions Grows Capacity, Capability and Curriculum With More Space, Behemoth CNC

Additional 1,800 square feet makes room for more production and dedicated training rooms

Mobile Solutions, premier trainer and supplier of efficiency tools and solutions for the modern technician and fabricator, is taking its production capability to another level with the addition of a commercial-scale CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router. The new 8,000-pound machine effectively triples manufacture rates and possibly opens the door for a CNC class for select students in the future.

The Mobile Solutions facility was expanded in late 2015 by annexing its neighboring suite, increasing the floor plan to 6,800 square feet to add a formal classroom area. The floor plan is going through a second, less drastic modification to accommodate the new CNC and create separate rooms for research / development and production. The company's original, smaller CNC will be used to prototype designs and provide overflow production capability, while the newer machine will manufacture the majority of sellable products.

"We are very pleased with our sales growth over the past couple of years," said Bryan Schmitt, president and lead instructor at Mobile Solutions. "The new machine enables us to increase production almost threefold. Also, with its expanded capability we can design more unique products and complicated projects to stay up-to-date and even ahead of market needs."

After reviewing several options including purchasing a second model of its current CNC, Mobile Solutions chose the C.R. Onsrud model because of its ability to handle large-sized materials, as well as its weight. "I can't stress how important the weight is when mass-producing with precision," explained Schmitt. "A CNC has lots of parts that move and create vibration. So the more mass it has and the stronger it's made, the less vibration it will create and the more accurate the parts will be."

In late January the company completed its second MasterTech Boot camp training session since expanding the facility, welcoming a full class of students for four days to experience the new classroom area, complete with motorized screens and cameras to show detail work. The session, featuring renowned automotive interior designer and fabricator Rommel Medina and Tony D'Amore of D'Amore Engineering as guest presenters, also gave students ample instruction in separate training rooms dedicated to wood, metal, paint and upholstery.

In addition to these classes, Mobile Solutions may teach CNC operation to provide select, dedicated designers a complete roadmap of instruction from conceptual design to mass production.

"The new machine represents a significant investment for us, but it's an investment we feel puts us in the right position in the marketplace, Schmitt added. "Our goal is to continually look forward and be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, whether it's in the instruction we provide to industry technicians, the products we bring to market or the process and machinery we use to create our products."

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