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Voxx Omega-Carlink-3G Now Shipping

Voxx International announced the OMEGA-CARLINK-3G is now shipping. This "3G" unit immediately replaces the current "2G" OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS.  

With the announcements that 2G towers will be completely sun-downed by 2017, it was a priority for the company to be proactive and develop a 3G direct replacement.

All connectors and wiring are identical in the 3G unit to the now discontinued 2G versions, so installation & activation are the same. The only difference between the two units is the built-in 3G cell radio. As a by-product, users may notice faster response times, as GPRS service is reportedly much faster than Edge.

3G hardware costs more than the 2G hardware, but Omega has decided to absorb the bulk of this cost increase.

The price of the new OMEGA-CARLINK-3G is less than $20 over that of the 2G unit it is replacing.

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