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Audiomobile's LineDrive series of Preamps Now Shipping

Audiomobile has announced that it is now shipping the new “LineDrive” series of active, OEM Interface preamps. This rapidly expanding category allows easy upgrades to factory Navigation and audio systems, without the common problems of ground-loop noise or compromised frequency response, typical of traditional passive, transformer type LOC adaptors.

Key features of the LineDrive preamps include:

Fully-balanced, differential inputs – for low-noise and common-mode rejection.

PWM switching power-supply – delivers 15v supply for high voltage output (9.5 volts RMS)

“Mil-spec” 1% Surface Mount (SMT) devices – for high reliability and sound quality.

High-power with low output impedance – handles over 35V input per channel (350 watts).

“These unique preamps are fully consistent with our core philosophy to deliver relevant, solution-based products that deliver superior technology to the upscale, specialist retailer, while delivering strong value and stellar reliability," said Matthew Overpeck, VP of Sales and Marketing. "As with all our products, the LineDrive series is designed and engineered in the USA. We are confident that all our unique products clearly stand out, even in a crowded market, and that our message will resonate with the top-drawer specialty retailers, allowing them to make room in their mix for these high-value products, which will provide enhanced solutions to their needs, both from a business perspective, as well as from an applications standpoint."

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to contact Audiomobile at (702) 221 - 1077, or to email the company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to schedule a meeting.


Matthew Overpeck; VP of Sales and Marketing

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(702) 221 - 1977

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