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Omega Research and Development Adds New Product to Excalibur Line

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. has added the new RS-255-EDP+ to their Excalibur product line. The RS-255-EDP+ is an ultra- deluxe stand-alone “One-Button” remote start with 2-way confirmation.

The new one-button remote gives the customer an audible and visual confirmation when they start their car or unlock their doors. This full featured remote start has a built in temperature sensor for selectable automatic low temperature starting and temperature dependent defrost output.

“Normally, a One-Button system does not come equipped with Lock and Unlock outputs, but the RS-255-EDP+ is equipped with unlock & lock outputs,” , Shawn Cooper, Tech Support Manager for Omega. “This gives you the ability to connect features like ignition activated lock control, or control the door locks using an OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS smartphone interphase.”

The RS-255-EDP+ can even be upgraded to be a full featured 4-button keyless entry/remote start system by adding any of our ECHO kits. The RS-255-EDP+ features an window-mount antenna with a built in valet button & status lights for easy programming and system status monitoring, and a 2-way One-Button remote with mute mode, runtime expiration warning, and up to 1500 ft operating range.

For information on becoming an Omega Dealer in the US, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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