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OMEGA Includes 3 Free Years of Unlimited Service with Vehicle Tracking and Recovery GPS System

OMEGA’s Vehicle Tracking and Recovery GPS System Now Includes Free 3 Years of Unlimited Service

Douglasville, Georgia – March 9, 2012 – Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. announced today their vehicle tracking and recovery GPS system (GPS-D4550+) now includes free three years of unlimited service with purchase of system. Omega’s tracking and recovery is an internet-based system that uses a combination of GPS satellite and cellular phone technologies backed by NUMEREX’s industry leading network, the Industry’s most reliable and robust service provider available for tracking mobile assets.

“The GPS-D4550+ tracking and recovery system allows you to map the exact location, speed and direction of your vehicle, anywhere nationwide,” said Mike Thompson, Product Development Manager, Omega Research and Development. “Offering three years of unlimited service will provide the ability to locate a vehicle at anytime as well as receive unlimited warning alerts by email and text messages.”

Omega’s sophisticated technology is a dramatic advancement over traditional ground-based tracking systems, which rely on specially equipped police cars to randomly search the area for a radio signal from the stolen vehicle. The GPS-D4550+ system is easily concealed in your vehicle and transmits information that offers three unique views of the vehicle’s current location from any web browser. The unlimited service provided includes, Internet-based GPS tracking, live 24/7 theft recovery assistant, live call center for installation testing and system activation, Geo-fence alert boundaries from 1/8 to 300 miles, excess speed alerts in selectable 5 mph increments from 45 to 95, sophisticated multiple vehicle capabilities from one login, internet mapping with aerial satellite and “Bird’s Eye” view in major cities, history logs of location, commands and alerts as well as auto tracking which allows you to automatically track the vehicle at specific intervals for a selectable period of time. If the vehicle is properly equipped, the OmegaGPS Tracking and Recovery system can also be configured to, send alarm system activation alerts to 5 email addresses and text messages to 5 mobile devices, warn of low vehicle battery, unlock or lock doors and control remote start or other vehicle accessories

“The partner companies that developed the OmegaGPS Tracking and Recovery system represent over 50 years of combined security experience. Our monitoring facility was the first in North America awarded ISO 27001 information security-related certification and are trusted with the security of government, financial, utility and health care customers, as well as commercial and residential security. OmegaGPS …..More Than Theft Recovery,” Thompson concluded. 

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