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From the Editor: Presenting Your Top 12 for 2013

Hello All,

Finally, I’m pleased to present your Top 12 Retailers and Installers for 2013! The votes have been carefully tabulated (meaning I personally reviewed every single vote of the more than 5,000 received) and consumer votes have been factored into the numbers. For those of you who are wondering how this is done, here’s the basic idea: since this is an industry award, industry votes count more than consumer votes. We use a sliding scale to determine the value—anywhere from 1/5 the value of an industry vote up to 3/4—but basically, the more industry votes an entrant has, the more the store’s or installer’s consumer votes are worth.

Now, a note on the Top 12 Retailers. As I announced before, we wanted to bring back the categories of retailers by size this year.  But after carefully going through the voting results, we determined that most Top 50 Retailers that qualified for the larger categories (2-3 stores and 4 or more stores) did not garner enough votes to make their selection valid. In other words, there were many single store entrants that received significantly more votes than the chains.

In the end, we determined that it wouldn’t be right to select a store with only a few votes over another with a ton of votes just to set up categories, because it’s not reflective of the true makeup of our industry. Therefore, we selected the Top 12 Retailers purely on voting scores, and just like the last two years, we will give out 4 Retailer of the Year awards based on the top scores in the upcoming judging.

We have also named two alternates for each Top 12 list. Each of the Top 12 will be contacted Tuesday to indicate their intent to create a judging submission, and if they don’t meet our initial deadlines for basic information, the alternates will take their place.

So that’s it! We’re on to the next phase. Again, congratulations to the Top 100, Top 50 and the newly named Top 12.


Mobile Electronics Magazine’s Top 12 Retailers – 2013

Listed in alphabetical order

Abt Electronics - Glenview, IL

Audio Innovations of Fresno - Fresno, CA

Extreme Audio - Mechanicsville, VA

Handcrafted Car Audio - Mesa, AZ

Kingpin Car & Marine Audio - Wilsonville, OR

Mobile Toys - College Station, TX

Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security - Anchorage, AK

PJ's Autosound - Erie, PA

Radios, Knobs, Speakers and Things - Pontiac, MI

Sonus Car Audio of Clarksville - Clarksville, TN

Sound Depot and Performance - Gainesville, FL

Sound Warehouse - Salt Lake City, UT


Alternates (in order of selection)

Soundwaves - Tampa, FL

Maximum Audio Video - Tampa, FL


Mobile Electronics Magazine’s Top 12 Installers – 2013

Listed in alphabetical order by last name

Mark Balzer - Imagine Audio - Cherry Hill, NJ      

Doug Bernards - Soundman - Valencia, CA           

James Coil - Audio Innovations - Fresno, CA        

Rich Gruver - PJ's Auto Sound - Erie, PA

Joey Knapp - Simplicity in Sound - Milpitas, CA   

Jason Kranitz - Kingpin Car & Marine Audio - Wilsonville, OR        

Joe Landry - Radios Knobs Speakers and Things - Pontiac, MI

Steve Ledford - Area 41 Customs - Kennesaw, GA           

Tom Miller - Musicar Northwest - Portland, OR 

Chris Ott - Soundwaves of Tampa - Tampa, FL

Scott Rosen - Sound Sensations - Auburn, MA   

Mike Sandoval - Sound Warehouse - Salt Lake City, UT


Alternates (in order of selection)

Brian Schurg - Extreme Audio - Mechanicsville, VA

Chris Pate - Mobile Toys - College Station, TX